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Grants for Household Items

One of our most Frequently Asked Questions is ....

Are there grants for household items and help towards utility bills?

This includes washing machines, cookers, beds and carpets as well as other everyday essentials such as heating.

The Good News is.....Charities across the UK will help individuals and families struggling on low income – both with or without a disability.

Many of these charities are already included on the Disability Grants website in our other sections.

So, to make your search for funding easier we have grouped this information together all in one place with links to other agencies. 

The charities are grouped by pages.....

Click the link to the page - this will open in a new window so you

can scan the list and look for charity at the same time.

Children and Families

Family Fund

Children - A to C

BBC Children in Need - Essentials Fund (apply through Family Fund)

The Charlie Cookson Foundation (seriously ill children only)

Children - P to T

Sailors Children's Society

S C Witting Trust

Sunny Days Children's Fund

Families - General Grants

Family Action (Welfare grants)

Other Charities

The Percy Bilton Charity

SHS Welfare Fund (where living conditions are affecting education.  School to contact)

Grants for Adults

Adults - General

Elizabeth Finn Care

Florence Nightingale Trust (includes bedding)

Freemasonry Cares

R L Glasspool Charity Trust

Heinz, Anna and Carol Kroch Foundation

The Hospital Saturday Fund

The League of the Helping Hand

The National Benevolent Charity

Newby Trust (closed until April 2018)

The Percy Bilton Charity

The Talisman Charitable Trust

Vicars Relief Fund

Elderly and Older Adults

Friends of the the Elderly


The Royal British Legion

The Soldiers Charity

The Royal Engineers Association

Women's Royal Naval Service Benevolent Fund


Margaret's Fund

The Sawyer Trust

Society for the Assistance of Ladies in Reduced Circumstances

St Andrew's Society for Ladies in Need

Individual Occupations

ABTA Lifeline

The Care Workers Charity

Cavell Nurses Trust

The Charity for Civil Servants

The George Stephen Charity

Grocery Aid

Hospitality Action

The Lighthouse Club Fund

The Queen's Nursing Institute 

Retail Trust

The Royal Agricultural Benevolent Institution (RABI)

The Professionals Aid Guild (PAG)

Timber Trades Benevolent Society

Young Adults

True Colours Trust

By Condition


The Joshua Wilson Brain Tumour Charity

Lennox Children's Cancer Fund

Leukaemia Care

Macmillan Grants

Neurological Disorders

The Batten Disease Family Association (BDFA)

Mali Jenkins Fund

Motor Neurone Disease Association (MND)

Parkinson's UK Take control Grants

Physical Disabilities

British Kidney Patient Association

The Cystic Fibrosis Trust

Interlink (Jewish individuals)

Blind and Sight Impaired

Gardeners Trust for the Blind

Grants UK (Regional)

East England

Lenderhand (Essex)

West Midlands

John Martin's Charity (Worcestershire)


St Andrew Holborn

St John's Southwold Fund

Skinners' Benevolent Fund (London and West Kent)

South East

The Reading Dispensary Trust

South West

Cerebral Palsy Plus (BS postcodes)

Liskeard Relief in Need

Barnwood Trust (Gloucestershire)

Mayfield Home Trust Limited (Gloucestershire)

St John's Hospital (Bath)


Leeds community Trust

North East

Sunderland Guild of Help

North West

Kensington Foundation (Blackpool/Flyde)


The Ben

The Borders Children's Charity

Douglas Hay Trust


The George Crombie Trust

Glasgow Care Foundation

MND Scotland


Scottish Shipping Benevolent Association



Community (charities applying on behalf of individuals)


Electricity and Gas

British Gas Energy Trust/ Scottish Gas Energy Trust 

EDF Energy Trust

E.on - Affordable Warmth Scheme

nPower Energy Fund


Affinity Water - Low income Tariff

Anglian Water Assistance Fund 

Bournemouth Water - Offer flexible payment plans to pay bill.

Bristol Water

Cambridge Water Company  - The Assure tariff to help customers on low income (under £16,105)

Dee Valley Water PLC - Here 2 Help scheme for those struggling to pay for bills and on low income (under £15,500)

Essex and Suffolk Water - SupportPLUS

Northern Ireland Water - will spread bills over longer period

Northumbrian Water - SupportPLUS tariff

Severn Trent Trust Fund

South East Water - Helping Hand

Southern Water - Essential tariff, New Start and Water Direct

South Staffs Water

South West Water - offer payment plans and water meters

Sutton and East Surrey Water - Social Tariff

Thames Water - Customer Assistance Fund

United Utilities - offer paying in instalments

Welsh Water - HelpU scheme to help those on low income (under £15,000) pay their bill

Wessex Water - offer a number of affordability schemes

Yorkshire Water - Community Trust

Local Authority Support

Local councils might be able to assist with everyday essentials like furniture and household appliances.  Unfortunately, each council operate their own schemes and have their own eligibility criteria.

Find your local council and search their website for information.

It may take a bit of searching to find the information.  Use search words such as Welfare Assistance, Welfare Schemes, Assistance Schemes. Community Support.


Blackburn with Darwen Council - Furniture - help with getting the household essentials

Bradford Council - Assisted Purchase Scheme - for furniture funding if on low income

Bristol City Council - Local Crisis and Prevention Fund

Cambridgeshire County Council - Local Assistance Scheme

Liverpool Citizens Support Scheme - for food, essential items, furniture and white goods.

North Yorkshire County Council - Local Assistance Fund

Middlesbrough Council - Community Support Awards for household furniture (vouchers), prepaid cards for household items and awards for white goods.


The Discretionary Assistance Fund (DAF) provides emergency and individual assistance.  It may be used to buy certain electrical white goods, such as fridges and cookers, household items such as beds, bedding, curtains and kitchen items.

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