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Grants for Education

Schools, colleges, universities and individuals are all able to apply for grants for education to support learning and additional education resources.

Grants for education can be awarded for resources and services that are not available from statutory funding. 

This may include the provision of sporting and education facilities for children with Special Needs, computer access equipment, books and childcare for students.

National and regional charities such as the Sports Council, the Arts Council, large companies and community programmes all provide grants to educational establishments.

There are also many local Educational Trusts providing small grants to individuals and organisations.  

The Grants UK pages lists some local educational trusts and details of others can be found at your local library or on your council website.

Your library should also have a copy of The Guide to Educational Grants 2016-2017 published by The Directory of Social Change (updated annually) which lists sources of funding for schoolchildren and students.

It can also be purchased through Amazon:

For primary and secondary schools the website Grants4Schools provides a searchable database of UK Government, European Union, Lottery, Grant Making Trusts and Commercial Sponsorship for a yearly subscription fee.

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For more information on education grants for the disabled and children with Special Educational Needs..... 

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Grants for Disabled Parents (boarding school fees)

Betty Martin Charity (West Sussex)

Fashion and Textile Children's Trust 

Peter Greenwood Memorial Trust (for deaf individuals)

Royal Merchant Navy Education Foundation (children of Merchant seaman, seagoing fishermen and RNLI crew members)

Right Not a Fight Campaign 

For USA Residents:

Financial Support for Students

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