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These books are published by the Directory of Social Change. They are very expensive to buy but easy to use.

They are most valuable to an organisation that offers advice to clients.

The Books are updated every year.

The Disability Rights Handbook is excellent as it gives (in great detail) information on all the benefits open to the disabled.  It is clear and easy to use.

The handbook is essential for professionals supporting the disabled and families with a disabled child.  It is cheap enough for individuals to purchase.

For those in receipt of benefits you can buy it for a reduced price from Disability Rights.

The handbook is updated every year.

Two easy to read guides from Shelter that compliment each other.

Ideal for housing professionals and other advice workers.

A Jargon free guide to benefit appeals published by the Child Poverty Action Group in 2016.

As "rules" are constantly changing a useful source of up-to-date information can be found on the Benefits and Work website.

The bestselling handbook - known as the "adviser's bible" covers all the recent changes to welfare benefits.  

Updated yearly.

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