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Grants for Housing

Are you in social housing or renting privately? Do you own your home?

Whatever your circumstances finding the right home or adapting your existing home is extremely challenging if you have a disability or a disabled child.

Despite moving to what I thought was an accessible house, my son's changing medical needs meant that over time it was no longer suitable without major modifications.

Just the thought of the organisation and the extra cost was overwhelming.

Exploring the different options and negotiating what was allowed within the Disability Facilities Grant was frustrating, as I tried to balance my family's requirements with my son's needs.

And navigating the bureaucracy provoked feeling of despair and protectiveness towards my home as "experts" told me what changes to make and the time it would take to get the work completed.

Nothing was straightforward!

With cuts in council budgets, housing grants are going to be harder to find with longer waiting lists and delays in authorising grants.

As Local Authority Housing services around the country are organised in different ways do check your local council's website to find out the grants on offer and their application process.

No home is perfect but having suitable accomodation with adequate space, easy access, storage for medical equipment and a bathroom you can use helps maintain independence and a quality of life that others take for granted.

And although it is difficult to predict future needs do make an early referral to social services or your local council for help and advice on housing adaptions or home improvements.

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