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Frequently Asked Questions
Grants for the Disabled

Is there help towards furniture and carpets?

cooker washing machine and microwave

Charities are able to help individuals and families on low income with essential household items.  This includes furniture, bedding and white goods such as washing machines and cookers.

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Grants for Household Items

Secondhand Furniture and Household Items

How can I get help to complete benefit forms?

Job Centre Plus

For one to one support on completing benefit forms including Disability Living Allowance (DLA) and Personal Independence Payment (PIP) contact a local support agency such as:

Look at:

Disability Benefits

How can I find funding for a wheelchair?

woman in manual wheelchair  being lent against the wall

Initially you will need a referral to your local wheelchair centre for an assessment of your needs through your GP, Physiotherapist or Occupational Therapist.

Charities will only provide funding for wheelchairs not funded through the NHS or Social Services

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Grants for Wheelchairs - Step One

Grants for Wheelchairs - Step Two

How can I get help to pay for adaptations to my home?

row of terraced houses in the UK

In the first instance you will need to contact a local Occupational Therapist (OT) (through Social Services) to access your (or your child's) needs.  

The OT will make their recommendations and advise on the Disabled Facilities Grant if applicable.

The Grant is not means tested for children (under 18 years).

Look at:

Disabled Facilities Grant

Is there financial assistance towards driving lessons?

Learner driver plate

Individuals receiving Higher Rate Mobility of the Disabled Living Allowance or Personal Independent Payment may be able to obtain funding through Motability.

Carers may also be able to obtain funding through their local carers group or through a Carers Assessment.

Look at:

Funding for Driving Lessons

Will charities help Carers with a holiday or a short break?

clock with hands pointing to Time for Me

Absolutely!  See links below.

Also ask Social Services for a Carers Assessment as you have a right to have your needs assessed - this includes your need for a break or respite from the person you are caring for.

Your local Carers or Parent/Carer group may be able to help too.

Look at:  

Holiday Grants for Carers

Support and Information for Carers

Is there funding for Nappies/pads?

Free nappies or pads may be available from your local continence service. They are not available until your child reaches a certain age - the age varies around the country.

Your child will need a referral to the continence service from your Health Visitor or GP.

There is a separate continence service for adults providing free pads.

Are prescriptions free for the disabled?

Prescriptions are free in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

In England they are only free to disabled people with a listed medical condition - this includes cancer, diabetes, epilepsy and a continuing physical disability that requires support of another person outside the home.

Free prescriptions are also available for young people (under 19 years) in full time education, over 60's, and individuals on low income named on a NHS Tax Credit Exemption Certificate.

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