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Grants for Wheelchairs
Step Two

Now lets take a closer look at charity funding....

In today’s difficult economic times charities are finding it difficult to fully fund the ever increasing cost of specialist wheelchairs and like statutory services have to prioritise need by disability and income.

Many now ask individuals and parents of disabled children to make a contribution from their disability allowances or to fundraise for a percentage of the total cost.

They will also ask for supporting evidence of your condition and details of any assessments as they need to be sure that the wheelchair will provide for your long term mobility needs.

If you are unable to get a report from wheelchair services arrange an appointment at your local Mobility or Independent Living Centre.  

They may be able to test you with a range of options and prepare a report for a small fee.

Before applying for funding here are a few things to think about.......

  • For manual wheelchairs......Do you need a low back to enable you to self propel?  Do you have enough upper body strength to move across carpets? If not, will you need different flooring?
  • How will you transport the wheelchair in your car?  Does it fold?  If it’s heavy do you need a wheelchair hoist, a stowage system or a wheelchair accessible vehicle?
  • Are you going to drive or travel in your wheelchair? If so, you will need a wheelchair with a head support.
  • Will you need clamping points? Is your wheelchair crash tested for car travel?
  • Will you need ramped access or low threshold doors in your home?  Are your doorways wide enough for a wheelchair?  If not, do you need an assessment for the Disabled Facilities Grant?
  • If you are the carer......are you able to push the wheelchair or if it's an electric do you need a carers controller?
  • And.....if you already own a wheelchair.....what worked well before?  What would you want different this time?

All these questions and more will affect the type of wheelchair you need and the overall cost.  

Buying a wheelchair is a long term investment so take your time.....ask the questions....and if you are confused ask the experts or contact an information organisation for an independent view.

You may also be surprised to learn that if you are buying a new wheelchair manual or electric or a scooter independently or with charity funding it will be eligible for VAT relief.

You can find a large selection of second hand wheelchairs and mobility scooters on Preloved UK

One of the largest classifieds sites in the UK

Charities known to have provided grants for wheelchairs in the past......You will need to follow the links......

For Disabled Adults

ABTA Lifeline 

The Act Foundation

A-T Society (Ataxia telangiectasia)

Barchester's Foundation

The Hospital Saturday Fund

The League of the Helping Hand

The Elifar Foundation

Interlink (Jewish individuals only)

Independence at Home

Margaret's Fund

Mali Jenkins Fund (Parkinson's Disease)

The Mobility Trust  (wheelchairs and mobility scooters)

Motor Neurone Disease Association

The Muscular Dystrophy Campaign

MS Research and Relief Fund

Multiple Sclerosis Society

SF Charity (East Midlands only)

The Steve Morgan Foundation (North Wales, Merseyside, West Cheshire and North Shropshire)

For Disabled Children

Action for Kids (up to 26 years)

Caudwell Children

Children Today


Dravet Syndrome UK

Dream Makers

Elifar Foundation

Evening Chronicle Sunshine Fund (North East England)

Interlink (Jewish individuals only)

Lifeline 4 Kids

The Muscular Dystrophy Campaign


Nihal Armstrong Trust

REACT Charity

Smile for Life

The Steve Morgan Foundation (North Wales, Merseyside, West Cheshire and North Shropshire)

The Victoria Foundation (Richmond and Kingston, Greater London and Surrey)

Variety Club

Whizz Kidz

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