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Grants for Disability Equipment 
Independent Living

British Wireless for the Blind Fund

The Fund provides free loan of high quality audio equipment that has been designed and adapted for people with a visual impairment.

The scheme is open to UK residents over 8 years who are registered blind or partially sighted and in receipt of means tested benefits.

If you don't meet the charity's criteria you are able to purchase the equipment (VAT free) through the website.


Independence at Home

Independence at Home works to improve the independence and quality of life of people of all ages with long term illnesses or disability.

It provides grants up to £500 to people of all ages who have a physical or learning disability or long term illness and who are in financial need.

Grants may be used towards the cost of mobility and disability equipment, home adaptations and other essential items not available from public funds.

This may include: 

  • Mobility and travel equipment (wheelchairs, trikes, scooters, car seats)
  • Specialist disability equipment (hoists, chairs, beds, safe space)
  • Home adaptations (kitchen, bathroom and garden)
  • Communications equipment (computer, CCTV, communication aids, telephones)
  • Home repairs (windows, doors, electrical)
  • Kitchen equipment (disabled access, washing machine, oven)
  • Beds and bedding (mattress, orthopaedic bed)
  • General furnishing (flooring, carpets, furniture)
  • Heating grants (heating and fuel costs, heating appliances)
  • Miscellaneous (therapeutic toys; play equipment; crash mat; removal expenses; holidays (Neurological conditions only).

Individuals will need to be referred by an appropriate professional such as Social Worker, Occupational Therapist or Disability Advice Worker.

An application form can be downloaded from their website and they accept applications throughout the year.


National Association for Bikers with a Disability (NABD)

The NABD is the world leader in the field of motorcycling with a disability.

It is able to offer financial assistance towards the cost of special adaptations for motorcycles, scooters, motorcycle/sidecar combinations and trikes.

Grants can range from £250 to £2,000 depending on the type of machine and the needs of the rider.

Applications for funding will only be accepted from those living in the UK, Eire, Isle of Man and the Channel Isles.

For more information email: office@thenabd.org.uk


Telephones for the Blind

The Telephones for the Blind Fund provide telephones for the registered blind.

To qualify a person must be either living alone or with a partner disadvantaged through disability or age. They must have no other means to pay for the telephone and been refused assistance by their local council.

Applications should be made by a social worker on the applicant's behalf using the charity's application form. This can be obtained by contacting the charity direct.



Wavelength is the main UK charity for providing televisons and radio's for those who are isolated and lonely.

It helps people on low income, confined to their own homes or suffering from severe helath problems.

All televisions provided will have an extended warranty and the charity may be able to help with the first year's TV licence.

Applications should be made by a professional such as a social worker, nurse or local shop manager who has long term contact with the beneficiary.

To apply:download an application form. This must be signed by the referee and the beneficiary.


See also:

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The Hospital Saturday Fund (medical appliances and aids)

The Steve Morgan Foundation  (North Wales, Merseyside, West Cheshire and North Shropshire)

FTC Disclosure

If you make a purchase via a link on this site, Disability Grants may receive a small commission on the transaction - at no added cost to you.

Thank you!

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