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Block Play Dolls

Multicultural Block Play Dolls with Special Needs - All with super-realistic details from leg braces to a hearing aid.

Glow Crazy Doodle Dome

Easy to set up black tent that has a super glow canvas inside for doodling. A cheaper alternative to a sensory tent.

Musical Instrument Set

A musical percussion set for younger children includes 2 x maracas, 2 x egg shakers, 2 x wrist/ankle straps with bells & 1 x glockenspiel

Star Light Projector

A great gift at a budget price that projects stars and a crescent moon onto the ceiling. 

Undo Me Mini Cube

A soft and lightweight fastening toy that can be used to develop fine motor skills.  Features buttons, zips, laces and poppers.

Picture Exchange Communication Keyring  - Instructions and Behaviour

A collection of 40 gloss finished mini boards featuring picture symbols on instructions and behaviour.   

The symbol cards include: No, Yes, more, don't touch, hot, good boy, good girl, very good, look, listen and share.

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