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Grants for the Elderly
and Older Adults

Barchester’s Charitable Foundation

Barchester’s Charitable Foundation helps older people and other adults with a disability across England, Scotland and Wales. 

It gives grants to help reduce isolation and loneliness, promote group activities and generally improve people's independence, mobility and quality of life. Grants range from £100 to £5,000.

It funds:

  • Older people 65+
  • Adults 18+ with a physical or learning disability
  • Adults 18+ with mental problems
  • Individuals
  • Small community groups and charities.

Applications for named individuals must be completed by a third party, who knows the individual in a professional or community-based capacity. This could be a healthcare professional, a social or citizen’s advice worker or a charity representative.

The online or downloadable application form is available on their website.


Friends of the Elderly

Friends of the Elderly supports older people in need to help them retain their independence and dignity.

It is able to provide one-off grants for essential items such as mobility aids, household items, property repairs and alterations. Applicants must be over 60 years (50 years for homeless) on low income and minimal savings.

All applications should be made by a third party such as Citizens Advice, Social Services or AgeUK.


Home Warmth for the Aged Benevolent Fund

A small charity that help elderly people on low income throughout the UK.

It provides heating appliances, fuel, bedding and warm clothes.

Further information can be obtained from:

Mr.W.J. Berentemfel, 19 Towers Wood, South Darenth, Dartford, DA4 9BQ or email: w.berentemfel@btinternet.com

HoneyRose Foundation

The HoneyRose Foundation is a wish charity for adults over 40 years who are suffering from a life threatening or terminal illness.

It provides memorable experiences, a special day or a weekend with their family.

Past wishes include a visit to the Emmerdale film set, a trip to Liverpool Football club and travelling on the West Highland Railway Line.

To apply: contact the office tel: 01744 451919 or write to: The Honey Rose Foundation, 2-4 Cotham Street, St Helens WA10 1SL for an application form.


Independent Age

Independent Age aims to help the elderly against financial poverty, social poverty and the poverty of information.

It provides financial support for those in greatest need with mobility aids and essential house repairs such as a leaky roof or a broken boiler.

To apply for help, an application form and further information contact their care services team on 0800 319 6789


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The Concertina Charitable Trust (funding of musical activities for the elderly)

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FTC Disclosure

If you make a purchase via a link on this site, Disability Grants may receive a small commission on the transaction - at no added cost to you.

Thank you!

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