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Therapists struggling with limited budgets may not be able to provide all the disability equipment for your needs or your child's needs as each Local Authority has their own eligibility criteria.

Our own authority only provides equipment for independence in the home - which is bizarre as how many of us would call that independent living!

Some items fall into a grey area - not essential but key to self sufficiency and quality of life.

Assistive Technology, such as electronic communication aids (AAC) can transform a person's life, giving them an independent voice, but funding from Primary Care Trusts is rare, even for children.

And provision of adequate wheelchairs varies around the country, leaving some with heavy cumbersome "workhorses" that are impossible to self propel. Even though having your own wheels is absolutely vital when you have mobility difficulties.

The huge variety and slight differences between products can make it difficult to make the right choice. And what's ideal for one person is wrong for others.

To help you make decisions over costly disability equipment a number of independent groups provide demonstrations, loan items and undertake individual assessments.

Funding is usually only provided for items unavailable from statutory services.

However, Charities are aware that alternative products may make a substantial difference. So do explain why you need the equipment and how it will improve your quality of life.

And remember...... when making your grant application you will need supporting evidence from a therapist or other professional as charities need to be sure that the equipment is right for you and your condition.

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