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Grants for Trikes and Bikes

Having your own bike or “wheels” is a rite of passage that sets you on the path to independence.

The freedom and thrill to travel in a direction of your own choosing at your own speed.......whether it’s round your garden, a park or out with friends is second to none!

We all remember our first bike!

Like all things with a disability or special needs label it’s significantly more expensive for disabled children to have the same experience. 

It may mean a custom build with extra adaptations such a thoracic support, special pedals or lower gears which puts the price well outside most families reach.

Happily many charities and trusts recognise the sheer enjoyment and therapeutic advantages that an adapted trike or bike can bring.  

Some larger charities may be able to fund the whole cost but more likely it will be part funding with the remainder to be found from other sources such as personal fundraising or the Disability Living Allowance.

Don’t forget to ask for help.....use your contacts at work and in the community.

One family launched an appeal in a local newspaper and was overwhelmed with support that included a large donation from a private individual.

Another family was helped by through fundraising events organised by their local pub.

However, you raise the money do take the advice of your child’s physiotherapist or occupational therapist as you need to ensure that the model or type is suitable for your individual child’s condition.

Courtesy of Tomcat Trikes

You’ll  also need their support when making applications for charity funding as they’re want to ensure that the product is suitable and that it’s the correct fit to fulfil the child’s needs before committing their hard earned cash.

A few things to think about......

  • Where are you going to store it? Trikes especially are very wide and take up lots of room
  • How are you going to transport it? Some trikes/bikes are made to fit together in separate parts (but will cost more)
  • How you are going to lift it?  As your child gets older the trikes increase in size too making them heavy to lift into a car on your own – will you need a lifting hoist?
  • Is it adjustable to allow for “growing room”?  Can items (such as footplates) be changed as the child grows?
  • Will you need a carers control?  Is it removable as your child grows in confidence?

Courtesy of Tomcat Trikes

Charities known to have provided grants for trikes and bikes in the past......

Lifeline 4 Kids

Cauldwell Children

Children Today

Cerebral Palsy Plus (Bristol and Cerebral Palsy only)

Evening Chronicle Sunshine Fund ( North East England) 

Make a Wish Foundation

Action for Kids

Elifar Foundation

SF Fund (East and West Midlands

BMAD Bikers (Torbay and South Devon)

Muscular Dystrophy Campaign (part fund only)

Scampps (Surrey only)

The Victoria Foundation (Richmond and Kingston, Greater London and Surrey)

Local branches of Rotary and Lions clubs together with many other smaller local charities have also funded trikes and bikes.

To find out about local charities have a look at the Grants UK pages or go to your local library for more options.

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