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Holiday Grants for the Disabled

Will you have a holiday next year?

Exhausted and frustrated by the challenges of......

Extra planning, transporting wheelchairs and equipment, finding activities to suit ALL the family , paying for a carer (that's if you find one!), accessible accommodation, extra insurance costs.....

All at a price you can afford !

It's no wonder that many disabled people or families with a disabled child (including my own) find it easier just to stay at home.

Holidays and travel provide unique opportunities to experience new challenges and enhance quality of life. For parents and carers it is often the only time we have to recharge our batteries.

So, to make sure you get a break Charities provide grants to individuals, children and families to fund or part fund holidays.

And there are holidays out there! As with the DDA (Disability Discrimination Act) more places than ever before are offering accommodation for the disabled.

Last minute cheap deals will be hard to find if you have specific needs......but there are canal boats, specialist activity centres, cruises, caravans, cottages, and hotels with accessible facilities.

To smooth the way access guides and information services provide useful advice and resources to help plan and organise a holiday to suit your individual needs.

So, Why wait?

Check out the pages below to see if you are eligible for a grant towards that much needed holiday.....

Girl with Downs Syndrome canoeing

Holiday Grants for Disabled Children

Family at the seaside splashing in the sea

Holiday Grants for Disabled Children and Adults

Holiday Grants for Carers

Woman in wheelchair being comforted by her friend

Supported Holidays for the Disabled

Young man with prosthetic leg being helped up a rock

Travel and Adventure Grants

Row of holiday caravans

Other Holiday Funds and Holidays for the Disabled

map showing location of holiday caravans for the disabled

Holiday Caravans for the Disabled

Beach Wheelchairs for Hire

SOLD OUT - New Edition in 2017

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