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Disability Campaigns

The RIGHT Chair Campaign

Pledge your support for The Right Chair Right Time Wheelchair Charter for the delivery of high quality wheelchair services in England.

Their campaign resources page has more tools to help you spread the word and support the campaign.

Referendum on Planned Abolition of Human Rights

Change.org have launched a petition calling on the Government to hold a referendum on the planned abolition of the Human Rights Act 1998.

The Human Rights Act reinforces the European Convention of Human Rights which was signed in 1950 to prevent the horrors of the second world war ever happening again.

It prevents torture and slavery, ensures the right to a fair trail and enshrines free speech in British law.

The Act has previously helped disabled individuals secure night time care, discrimination against eviction and the access to public transport.

A Right Not a Fight

Students with learning difficulties or disabilities have launched a campaign for the same right as other young people. 

To choose the college that best meets their learning and support needs

With cutbacks to funding specialist education has become a postcode lottery.

As some Local Authorities insist that students are rejected by local colleges before they can even consider a specialist provider even though a specialist college may be the best option for education and independence skills for adult life.

This campaign is calling on the Government and Ofsted to monitor the implementation of the new Children and Families Act to ensure that every young person has a choice with their further educuation.


Careless is a new campaign recently launched by The Autistic Society to make sure the Government protects vulnerable adults with Autism from abuse, neglect and loneliness.

It is concerned that the new criteria for social care will not reflect the needs of Autistic adults and that many will miss out on vital services.

Support the campaign by completing their on line action form to the Care minister.

Action Cerebral Palsy

Action Cerebral Palsy is a national consortium of specialist charities, working with children with Cerebral Palsy (CP) and their families.

It is campaigning for better outcomes for children with Cerebral Palsy by lobbying for a national Cerebral Palsy strategy which dovetails with the Children and Families Bill.

It also aims to increase awareness of issues facing children with CP and to establish a national early intervention programme to improve opportunities for all children with Cerebral Palsy.

Add your voice to the Action Cerebral Palsy campaign by signing up for updates using the on line form.

Breaking Point

Breaking Point is a campaign run by Mencap publicising the fundamental lack of short break ‘respite’ care for carers and their families 

Sadly, their report shows that a staggering 8 out of 10 families have or are close to reaching ‘Breaking Point’. This is a situation that has remained unchanged for 10 years 

With local council cutbacks, this problem is likely to get worse. 

Take Action to protect these vital services from further cuts by contacting your local council and downloading a campaign pack.  

Mencap have recently launched a Breaking Point Appeal to raise funds to prevent families being torn apart.

Changing Places

Changing place is a campaign run by a consortium of prominent organisations including: Mencap and the Scottish Government 

The aim is to have in every big public place a toilet should be installed with the facilities: extra space, a tracking hoists and changing beds need by some 40,000 people with profound and multiple learning disabilities (PMLD) and other serve impairments.

At the moment this group find that ‘standard’ disabled toilets inaccessible due to the lack of these facilities. Meaning that many disabled people end up staying at home or put themselves, or there carers at risk by using toilets that are not suitable.  

There are already over 500 toilets up and running, but more are needed.

Take action by running a local campaign, spreading the word, writing to the government or lobbying transport providers.

They have also started a petition to Motorway Service Station Operators to improve toileting facilites at service stations as many disabled children and adults end up being changed on toilet floors.  Do take action by signing their petition.

Britain Cares

Britain Cares is a campaign, run by Scope, to raise awareness in the shortcomings in the social care system, 

If they get enough people to 'speak out' the more chance they have of the government prioritising social care for the disabled in the up and coming spending review.

You can show your support by uploading a picture of yourself with the words 'I care' following this link:  http://www.britaincares.co.uk/photos

No Go Britain

Channel 4 News have launched a campaign "No Go Britain" to highlight the experiences of the disabled on public transport.

What's your personal experience of getting around Britain using public transport? Leave your comments on their Facebook page.


How do you feel about the proposed changes to the NHS?

Would you like to ask the Government not to rush through massive changes and let them know how much we care about our health services? If so, 38 Degrees have organised a petition.

To sign the petition click here.

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