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FTC Disclosure

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Receiving a Grant

Following a successful application the Grants Officer for the charity or trust will usually phone informing you of their decision.

Do not purchase any disability equipment or have any work undertaken until you have received formal notification that you have received the grant.

The charity will confirm in writing the award notice outlining any terms and conditions of the grant. For example they may request that payment is made to a company directly for any equipment or work undertaken.

Thank the charity for the grant and include any photographs showing how the money was used.

It's important to provide feedback to the trustees as they need to know that the money has been used correctly.

Charities sometimes ask whether you would be happy for your story to be used for publicity purposes. This may mean a short article or photograph in a local press or inclusion in a publicity leaflet.

Although this would never be a condition of their offer, the publicity may encourage others to give generously in the future.

If your application was rejected do check with the charity to find out why the application failed. It may be that the charity ran out of money or other applicants had a greater need than yours.

Accept their decision and thank them for considering you as you may need to approach them again in the future.

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