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Grant Checklist

This page is a summary of main points in the About Grants section.

Also look at our Frequently Asked Questions about grants for specific items and services.


  • Check that the Trust or Charity is able to meet your need.

  • Check that you meet the charity's funding criteria.

  • Check charity's application procedure and deadlines for application.

  • Check if you can apply direct or if you require an appropriate professional to apply on your behalf.

  • Describe what you need and why you need it to the professional or include information on application form.

  • Include name of professional who is able to support your application if applying direct.

  • Attach quotations giving an indication as to how much money is required

  • Include information on additional funding already received such as fundraising or money from other charities.

  • Be factual not emotional in your application.

  • Be patient – It takes time to apply for grants!


  • Ask for more than you need - be realistic!

  • Purchase the item or service you are applying for before receiving the grant.

  • Be repetitive on an application form.

  • Be inconsistent with your information.

  • Use jargon in your application.

  • Be upset if you don't receive the full amount you asked for - charities have limited funds and must prioritise their funding.

  • Get angry if you are refused funding – check the reasons for the rejection.  You may be able to apply at a later date.

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