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Finding Grants for the Disabled

Looking for grants and extra funding is a daunting task with the staggering array of options and conditions!

Here at Disability Grants we give you a wealth of information on where to go and who to contact to make it easier for you to find the right grant.

And....our monthly newsletter and Facebook page will keep you up to date with what’s new and give you access to lots of other tips and resources.

But as you can imagine this is a huge undertaking and try as we might Disability Grants doesn’t have the monopoly on Grant information and we are unable to provide face to face advice and guidance.

So, where else can you go for more information and answers to your questions?

Turn 2 Us

Turn 2 Us provides information on charities and benefits through a free accessible website.

It is able to offer an online benefits's and grant search.

Turn 2 Us can be contacted on-line, by telephone or face to face through partner organisations.

Citizens Advice

Citizens Advice is able to provide information on local charities and trusts as well benefit and legal advice.  

They can help with the completion of application forms and provide referrals to other local agencies such as food banks.

Their offices can be found in most towns and cities in the UK. Support is also available online and by telephone.

Find your local Citizens Advice Bureau


You local library can provide information on local charities and trusts.

They may also have up-to-date copies of the grant guides produced by The Directory of Social Change (see below).

Find your local library

District and County Councils

Each District and County Council is different but many do subscribe to a funding database such as Grantnet.

A searchable database may be accessible online or you may have to contact someone through the council or a local advice and guidance centre.

Find your local council

The Directory of Social Change

The Directory of Social Change publish a number of useful publications on trust and government funding.

These include:

The Guide to Individuals in Need 2016-17

The Guide to Educational Grants 2016/17

And not forgetting out overseas visitors.....the websites below will be able to provide information on funding in your country:

USA Grants

Financial Aid for Disabled Students (a collection of over 70 scholarships specifically for students with disabilities, explaining eligibility, award amounts and how to apply)

Financial Aid Opportunities for Disabled Students (financing options and benefits)

Resources for Disabled Students 2017

www.dreamfoundation.org (for adults facing life threatening illnesses)

Starkey Hearing Foundation (help for those with hearing loss)

www.starlight.org (The Starlight Children's Foundation)

Stratus Flying Charity (free flying lessons for disabled and disadvantaged young people aged 14 to 24 years)

www.wish.org (Make a Wish America for disabled children)

There is also some useful information on Section 508 compliance for students with disabilities.

And a Guide to Home re modelling for Disability and Special Needs.

Canada Grants   


Australia Grants

Stratus Flying Charity (free flying lessons for disabled and disadvantaged young people aged 14 to 24 years)

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