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Help for Low Income

by Betully

I have a disabled daughter who is aged 1 year and 2 months old. 

She has Diamond Blackfan Anaemia and another disability which hasn't been diagnosed yet which makes her not see, walk, sit, roll etc.

We do get care component of Disability Living Allowance for her. I get Carers Allowance because I'm looking after my daughter all the time and I don't work. 

On my husbands payslip it says that he get £400 monthly. 

So do you know is there any other benefit(s) that we can get, any grants that we can fund household items and do you know anything about free nappies for disabled children?


Hi Betully,

As your husband is working you may also be eligible for Child Tax and Working Tax Credit. The Child Tax Credit would include an extra supplement for your disabled daughter. 

To find out more information on this and how to apply go to the Direct.gov website. They also have an on-line calculator so you can find out how much you should get. You can apply through your local Job Centre Plus.

One of the best charities to help with household items for disabled children and their families is the Family Fund

To apply: Download an application pack - this is to help establish eligibility. Once you have submitted your form the Family Fund will contact you and may arrange to visit you at home. 

They are excellent and are used by many families with disabled children - you can see some of the other parent's comments here.

Free nappies or pads are available for disabled children from your local continence service. Unfortunately, they are not usually available until the child is slightly older. The exact age will depend on your local authority as this varies around the country.

Do have a look at the other charities and trusts in the Children's and Family sections as new grant information is being added all the time.

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