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Family Fund Grant

by Trudy

More Information on the Family Fund

If you want to check on the progress of your grants please contact the Family Fund directly through their online form.


The first year I applied to the Family Fund it was to help towards a holiday, a bike and an outside trampoline with an enclosure.

This meant we were able to go on holiday and experience different activities. My son was able to enjoy playing on his bike without having to interact with others as he does on the trampoline.

This makes my son feel independant and safe.

I applied for an application form on the Internet and then sent it off.

In the second year I was able to apply for holiday vouchers on-line. They were arrived in the post by Recorded delivery.

When you are accepted you can apply on-line every year.



Thank you Trudy for sharing your experiences of the Family Fund. Not many people realise that the Family Fund will provide anything that will make a difference to a disabled child.

This includes computer equipment, days out, washing machines and removal costs. In fact anything that cannot be provided from statutory sources.

The Family Fund have recently changed their eligibility criteria to ensure that it helps those on the lowest incomes.

There are still many families with severely disabled children who have not heard of the Family Fund so do pass on this information if you can to a family who would benefit from a grant.


The Family Fund is no longer able to provide funding for driving lessons for parents and carers

Comments for Family Fund Grant

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Family is a life saver
by: Gloria

Will like thank family fund for all their support for my son my family really appreciate
The gave my son the much need iPad last year I would have struggled to afford and this year too they supported us again

Thank you Family Fund

Comments are Closed
by: Julia Tyrrell

Thank you

Hero's and Lifesaver!
by: Anonymous

Family Fund has saved my life on numerous occasions, from a new tumble dryer to helping with carpet costs.

I wasn't aware that any extra help was available to us. When I was laid off of work, cold months and no way of drying my son's clothes, Family Fund threw us a massive life line.

Also were able to help with a TV too for watching DVD's! Family fund - I couldn't have managed without you! Thank you so much for everything!

Hospital transport costs
by: Anonymous

I have 4 children with special needs and medical conditions. My youngest son has been sick for nearly a year he is under specialist at Alderhey Children's Hospital.

We live over 2 hours away. We don't have a car as can't afford it so rely on public transport. We have to go too so many hospital appointments and it's Costing us a fortune. In November we spent £500 just getting back and forth to hospital last month over £200. It's draining us financially we are struggling to pay bills and put food on table.

We don't qualify to claim back transport costs from hospital as my husbands income is over £16000. I don't work as am carer to my children. after paying out transport costs and most bills we have no money left.

Can you get grants to help with transport costs.


Hi have a look at this page in the Children's section....Funding for Medical Treatments.

by: Anonymous

Family Fund have helped my family take a break away. They are fantastic my son has autism and gets stressed all the time. Going to Spain was great for my son he loved every minute.

Thank you
by: Charmaine

Family fund is a big help for son has got his own world exploring in his computer...thank you Family Fund

Artificial Grass
by: Anonymous

Last year the Family Fund gave us money for a summer house for my son. It has really helped to get him outside but the state of our grass is causing problems. Would artificial grass be considered for a grant?

I'm not sure. You could always ask.

Thank all at Family Fund
by: Karen mcqueen

Hi, I've just received a letter allowing me to walk into a shop and show them a letter next minute I walked out with a brand new washing machine

I couldn't believe I,not on that I got 5 year warranty delivered and installed.

What a team I've no words to thank you enough. your the best.xxxxxxxshalom

Driving lessons
by: Sumaya

Hi, I'm 17 years old and I wondered if the grant could go towards driving lessons and a laptop. Is this possible?


Have a look at these pages:

Funding for Driving Lessons

Grants for iPads The charities listed may also be able to help towards a laptop.

Holiday last year
by: Shaun

I would just like to say a big thank you to the family fund who with there help my autistic son had a great holiday last year.

Without organisations like the family fund a lot of children would go without so a big thanks to all who helped.

Thank you so much
by: Amanda

Hello There

I just wanted to write and say a huge thank you to you and your team. I recently applied for my daughter Abbey. She has severe learning difficulties, speech and language issues, dyspraxia and a huge range of health issues.
She finds it very difficult to communicate with people and can only talk to her friends on-line, as everyone is so far away and she is too vulnerable to mix with regular local children.
We just received news from you that she has been awarded a laptop. When I gave her the news last night, she cried, which made me cry too. I cannot tell you what a difference this will make to her, she can get very lonely at times.

Thank you, thank you, thank you. What a wonderful job you do. xx

by: Anonymous

Hi if it wast for the family fund we wouldnt be able to afford a family holiday
Like to say how very much appreciated this is

Haven vouchers
by: Emma Gosling

I would like to share our experience of the family fund.

I have an amazing baby boy that has a heart condition, Albinism, scoliosis and brain damage from an open heart surgery that went wrong which has hindered his motor skills therefore he can't crawl, walk or sit up.

We have a lot of hospital appointments and I gave up work to be a full time carer for my son. My husband is a part time postman so as you can imagine money is very tight. We applied to the family fund for a holiday and were awarded vouchers to go to Haven.

The relief of being able to get away and just be a normal family that have fun and can relax was immense.

We had little money for days out so chose on one day to look around Canterbury Cathedral as since I had the conversation with surgeons at the hospital...... The one where they tell you your baby has died in surgery and won't make it....he did make it.....well you realise the only thing you can do is pray as hard as you can to now I'm pretty into churches and Cathedrals.

Once there we were lucky enough to meet The Bishop of London. After telling him how poorly my baby was and continues to be The Bishop gave him a blessing and asked the angels to watch over him and protect him.

It was the best most heartfelt moment ever. Thank-you so much family fund.

by: Annabel

Thankyou so much for the grant to buy my daughters new bed, we are so greatful and can't thank you enough! X

Family holliday Grant
by: Suzanne Murphy

The last couple of years I have applied to the Family Fund for help towards a family holiday financially.

This has helped build relationships with Mikie who is ADHD and very hyperactive and enjoy times with her siblings in the open.

This has realy helped build family relationships and we are so appreaciative of your help.

Thank you


by: Stuart

We have a 8 year old son with global development day and a chromosome disorder. Would we able to get some help for an Xbox or play station?

Possibly Stuart. You will need to apply and ask. One of the charities listed on the Grants for iPad page might be able to help you.

You must tell any charity how it will benefit your son to have a Xbox or play station.

Broken iPad
by: Anonymous

Hello my son was awarded an iPad last year but has today smashed the screen and I cannot afford to get it fixed, he lives on his iPad he's distraught.

Is there anyway you could help fix it please?


Unfortunately we are unable to help fix your son's iPad.

However, given the cost of repairs etc it might be best to either look at a new iPad or a cheaper Android tablet.

This page might be able to help you...

Never heard of these grants before
by: Lynsey

Hi sorry to jump on this but I have a disability and was wondering how you apply for them as I have never been told about these before.


Hi Lynsey,
Have a look at the Family Fund website and check to see if you are eligible to apply.


Play House
by: Kelly

I wondered if the Family Fund would help provide a wooden play house for my disabled daughter.

She loves to play out but when the weather is bad it is hard to keep her in and having a wooden play house would allow her to play out in all weather and not keep coming down with cold/flu.

Many thanks.


Hi Kelly

The Family Fund can help with all sorts of items to improve the life the disabled children.

You will need to make an application through their website to see if you meet their eligibility criteria.

Good luck!

More space
by: Anonymous

My son of 7 has autism and at present has to share a room with his 6 year old sister.

He has difficulty in sleeping and often keeps her awake also when having one of his temper moments will often take it out on his sister.

We are not able to move as we privately own our property and cannot get a mortgage to be able to gain a 3rd bedroom.

Would we be able to get a grant to help with home improvements to either make our room splint into two small rooms and for us to have their room, or for the utility room to be made into a bathroom and the bathroom into a bedroom as we cannot extend up or out on our property.


You may be eligible for some support under the Disabled Facilities Grant.

This page will give you some more information...

If you are not eligible for the Disabled Facilities Grant the Act Foundation might be able to help you.

The details can be found on this page...

Good luck! Julia

by: Kelly

Hi would I be able to get funding for a fence as I have a disabled daughter who has no sense of danger.
We don't have a fence up in our garden so I can't let her play out as she would wander onto the road.
The council say I can put a fence up but I have to pay for it.

I believe the Family Fund have helped with garden fences in the past. You will need to go through their application procedure so do check their criteria on their website.

by: Anonymous

I've apply to Family Fund years ago could I apply again?


Yes once you have been accepted by Family Fund you can apply again.

Allester's Comment
by: Sasha C. Fuller

I enjoy seeing websites that understand the value of providing a prime resource for free. I truly loved reading your post.

by: Joanne McKechnie

I was wondering if I would be able to get help from the Family Fund for my son who has severe epilepsy.


Yes possibly Joanne. Do make an application. They also offer savings on other items as well as offering grants.

Family Fund
by: Anonymous

I have two autistic children aged 12 and 13.

I've applied to Family Fund for a grant to help with fencing the garden off and a trampoline as both kids have severe lack of safety awareness.

They are often at home with no exercise as I'm disabled myself with arthritis and not physically able to take them places.

So time like summer holidays they get bored easily which in turn means they get more and more distressed.

An independent assessor came to see me and then shortly after I got a letter asking me to provide a quote for the fencing.

According to the online service they have marked the garden changes as offered and a trampoline as paid.

But I have not received anything in writing and don't really know the process so can anyone tell me what this possibly means. Thanks


Hi do give the Family Fund a ring to find out the progress of your application and let them know that you are concerned that you haven't heard anything in writing.

Over the years
by: Lisa

Family fund have helped my son over the years and also with things that were needed.

Family fund really makes a difference and without their help I don't know what
I would of done.
My son has had a new bed toys. Trampoline and sensory items.

They are wonderful in what they do.

me and my mum have a question
by: Kieran

Hi I'm am 13 years old and have recently been diagnosed with aspurgous syndrome, I get angry a lot and the main thing that calms me down is my console.

My favourite game is assassins creed but the new one is for ps4 and Xbox one me and my mum wondered if DLA fund for console or electrical items.

Hi Kieran, how you spend your DLA money is up to you and your mum.

If you haven't yet applied for DLA have a look at this page....

There are a number of guides out there to help you with your application - have a look at this page....

Good luck! Julia

by: Anonymous

I applied last year for our daughter with complex heart defects.

We are on a limited palliative life span with her. She was due her last ohs last year which meant crucial time away from school - her much loved teacher and her friends.

The fund awarded her an iPad so she could keep in touch with her classmates on their school blog and still felt included whilst not being there.

It made a huge difference to her and her settling in back to school after a long time off.

We've applied for a much needed holiday this year so fingers crossed for more memories to be made.

I work as a benefit adviser and meet parent careers and hardly any of them have heard about the Family Fund's fantastic work. They all know now. Xx

First Family Fund Grant
by: Michelle,&Ryan M

Hi would just like to say a big thank you to the Family Fund,for help with things for me and my boy Ryan who is 5 yrs old and has Autism.

So glad to have the extra help from them for typical stuff for the home and for

Life Changing
by: Abi

The first year I applied, I felt humbled when we were awarded a trampoline, clothes vouchers and a bike!

I'd only applied for the trampoline so that my Autistic daughter could get some activity in the safety of the garden.

Last year they provided an electric oven- my old gas one required me putting my hand in with a lighter to get it going.

I wish we didn't need to apply for these things, but as a single parent who cannot work full time as I would if my child didn't have Autism, I know i would have to sacrifice other essentials.

Thank you so much Family Fund.

Thank you
by: Louise

Thank you so much Family Fund!

Our computer had broken and we had just started homeschooling our Autistic son. The family fund provided us with a new computer.

It has made a big difference and I'm very grateful.

I need help
by: Cindy

Hi I have an Autistic son who is 6 years old.i just applied for Family Fund for a trampoline for him.

Recently I opened the garden for him to play and he started eating the grass and mad so it means I have to get rid of the grass in my garden and either have slabs or a different covering.

Is it possible to add it to my claim since I only submitted it less than a week ago?


Hi Cindy you could ask - I think it may depend how much the trampoline cost.

by: Lesley Jenkins

I didn't know about this charity when my son Ryan (now 7 years) was diagnosed with Autism Aspergers Syndrome.

A family support worker gave me the information and helped with the application.

At first I thought about a holiday as we had all been through quite a lot due to me splitting up with the children's father.

As we were going to Wales for 2 weeks with my parents in August so decided to apply for some new bedroom furniture and decorating equipment instead.

After a few weeks the good new arrived and Ryan had been awarded £500. Thanks to the Family Fund Ryan's bedroom is now decorated with his favourite dinosaurs.


Thank you Lesley for sharing your good news about Ryan's grant from the Family Fund. Investing in his bedroom will give him pleasure for many years. Julia

My Son
by: Anonymous

Hi my son is 8 years old he's on middle rate disability.

Would I be able to apply for help from Family Fund as we have had a bad few years an I really think he could do with a family holiday away.

Many thanks


Hi it all depends on your family's individual circumstances.

You can download the application pack from this page....

Also have a look at the Holiday's section on the Disability Grants website. Quite a few other charities help towards family holidays.

Best wishes

Can I get help?
by: Tracy

Hi I'm a carer to my daughter who is on high rate Disability Living Allowance (DLA) due to allergies, low immunity, chronic chest problems and chronic bowel problems as well as asthma.

I get Carers Allowance.

I also have two other children, both with hypermobility. My eldest is more severe and has crutches and a brace but we're awaiting a DLA decision.

We're trying to move closer to my parents as I'm a single mum who needs support. We have been offered a mutual exchange but I can't afford to re carpet due to my babies allergies, nor can I afford removals.

Can I apply and how long does it take as we would have to move in around 6 weeks but I need to decide soon. Thanks


Hi Tracy it sounds from what you say that you would be eligible to apply to the Family Fund. Do contact them as soon as possible to get your application sorted. I'm not sure what the waiting times are at the moment.

They are able to help with carpets.

Good luck with your move!

Adhd age 6 and a half
by: Anonymous

Hi my son was diagnosed with severe adhd I have recently just been awarded high rate care as he's up 3-4 times in the night won't sleep and has to be constantly supervised. He's struggling at school and hasn't got any friends.

Can I apply for a family holiday and a fence to be build in my garden since we moved in it was in a terrible state and we couldn't afford to fix it.

Due to my sons in predictable behaviour he can easily get out to the main road and the neighbours house they have dogs that aren't that friendly don't think they would bite but don't want to take the risk.

Would love him to be able to play safely in the garden and enjoy a nice family holiday he's nearly 7 and never been due to me needing 2 extra adults to come with us I just can't afford it.


Hi The Family Fund do provide vouchers towards holidays and help towards items such as fences.

You will need to contact them direct. For first applications you will need to ask or download an application pack.

This page will give you all the information you need.

Good Luck!

Hypoplastic left heart syndrome gone on to have heart transplant
by: Anonymous

Would like to say a massive thank you to the Family Fund for taking so much pressure off my family and to see the smiles you given to us all couldn't be more grateful

Thank you Melissa x

Family Fund
by: Anonymous

Both of my sons have been diagnosed with sickle cell disease.

Can I apply to the Family Fund for help towards a fridge and cooker as I have recently moved to a house and have none of those appliances.

I'm struggling to keep their medication at the right temperature and getting them to eat properly.


Hi The Family Fund do fund household appliances.

You will need to apply directly to the Family Fund using one of their application forms. All the forms can be downloaded from their website:

It does take a little while but if you are accepted you will be able to apply again every year.

Good luck!

Family fund make a real difference for us
by: Anonymous

Our youngest son is 4 yrs old and has a hearing loss.

He is also under assessment for autism/Aspergers.
At the moment we are told he has "complex needs".

My husband and I have 9 children between us and cannot afford a holiday every year.

We took our children away for the first time in 2011 and were amazed when our youngest started using sign language!

We then heard about the Family Fund through a teacher for the Deaf who suggested it might be a good idea to apply for a grant. We did and with the help of Thomas Cook vouchers we were able to take him away again.

What stunned us this time was that he would make eye contact with waiters and even allowed one to high five him, it was incredible. The high five became part of a normal greeting.

We've just applied for the 2nd time and if we're successful we can't wait to see what changes it makes to our little one.

Doctors have suggested that he may feel more like us when we're away because our communication difficulties match his..... I'm not sure but who knows?!

WOW that's fantastic! Holidays can make such a difference to all the family.

Thank you for all the help and support
by: Suz and Charlie

As mother and son we would both like to thank you for everything Family fund has done for us.

Charlie's playhouse is wonderful and just what he needs when things get too much for him. With summer coming I know he and the dog will spend many a happy hour just chilling in there!

Again thank you for making life easier.x

Hi Suz and Charlie I'm sure that they would love to get a photo of Charlie using his new playhouse. Or maybe Charlie could make them a thank you card.

Their address is: Family Fund, 4 Alpha Court, Monks Cross Drive, York YO32 9WN


Mother of a young girl with Autism
by: hinda

Hi I have a young daughter who has serve Autism and I need any help or information on how I can get help with filling out the Family Fund form.

I really need help with driving lessons and any bit of help will be useful. Thank you very much.

Hi Hinda
If you have a specific question about the form it is probably best to contact the Family Fund direct on 08449 744 099

For physical help in filling the form it might help to contact your local carers group. Check out this page to find your local group.....

They might be quicker than going to the Citizens Advice as they are very busy at the moment.

Mum of a son with Autism
by: donna

Hi I would just like to say a massive thanks to the Family Fund for helping me.

Last year my washing machine broke and I got a £500 Comet voucher which gave me 5 years cover too. I was so happy.

We are very grateful for the help as I can't work. My partner's the main earner and we would have found it a real struggle to buy this item with out your help x


Thank you
by: Jemimma

Thank you Family Fund for helping me. I have enjoyed all my holidays and because of your help it has made me happy.

I now know that there is wonderful people out there willing to help disabled and fulfil their wishes.:)

Family Fund helps
by: rebecca

The Family fund grant has helped me and my family for the last three years.

And with their help I was able to take my children on holiday. They also with a new washer and dryer because my child has a problem.

Expensive special needs equipment
by: Anonymous

I just wanted to say a very big Thank You to Family Funds for helping us out.

My son has brain damage, fluid on the brain, epilepsy and learning difficulties.

As a result of this he needs a 5 point harness on his car seat, he has now grown out of the normal shop bought car seats and the special needs car seat is extremely expensive. It is a shame that once special needs is mentioned on a product the price goes up ten fold.

I want say thank you Family Fund for helping us out with the purchase of his new car seat. He is now happy, comfy and most of all safe! I feel more relaxed and happy.

You make a real difference x


I'm sure they will be delighted to learn that their grant has made a real difference.

Family Fund
by: Kelley

Hi this is my first time applying for a Family Fund grant

I'm a bit shocked and over whelmed with the comments I'm seeing. Its amazing how they help out disabled children and their families so much.

My daughter went profoundly deaf just last year how would I apply for help towards a holiday do I just write it in the form? Thank u kelley x


Hi Kelly check out this page to see if your daughter fulfils their eligibility criteria......


by: Anonymous

Hi, I'm not someone that gets Family Fund but just wanted to leave comment because what I heard about someone that gets Family Fund for her child and it makes me angry and sick.

I know this girl that got washing machine and dryer for her house off Family Fund and after only having it about 1 month and half is advertising them on a Facebook for sale to get money.

And she gets money for days out just so she can take her friends out just think its sad how someone can be so low when the money could be used for someone that really needs it !


Thank you for highlighting this and I can understand your anger.

The person you mention must have been really desperate for the money as there are strict rules as to who can apply for the Family Fund and checks are made to see that they are genuine.

Unfortunately, it is also a reminder that sometimes individuals do apply for grants when they don't need them.

So please everyone - only apply if the request is genuine and do give correct financial information on all applications as charities can only support those with the greatest need.


Family Fund
by: Anonymous

They help every year with a certain amount of funding (which could be a new bed or a trampoline or a cooker). This helps families with low income or on benefits with a disabled child.

I found them very helpful and their website is easy to understand.

by Jaroslaw
by: Jaroslaw

My son has Aspergers Syndrome. The Family Fund last year provided us with a laptop.

This year Family Fund provided vouchers with Thomas Cook for a long awaited holiday.

I just want to say Thank you very much to Family Fund for help.

Family Fund
by: shahgufta

Hi, I've got a 7 year old daughter who has been diagnosed under the autistic spectrum disorder I was just wondering if I can apply for a holiday grant.


Hi Shahgugta,

It all depends on your individual circumstances and the level of your daughter's disability.

Check out the Family Fund's criteria for grants.....

Also do have a look at the Holiday Grants section on the Disability Grants website.....


Thank u
by: Anonymous

The family fund are brilliant over the last nine years I have had a lot of help and it has been wonderful. Thank you very much.

Family Fund
by: Kerryanne Nicol

Family Fund gave us a grant to get my disabled daughter buggy when she was a couple weeks old and also helped us out with carpeting some of our house.

Making life easier :)
by: Amie

Hi there I've just came across this page.

I'm a single mother to my five month old son who has cystic fibrosis at the moment he's fighting infection after infection and with winter coming.

I thought it would b a good time to do my driving lessons so to make it easier to get him to the endless hospital appointments. I'm just wondering if I'm able to get any help with making this wish a reality.

Any help/information anyone can give me to achieve this would be much appreciated.

Hi Amie, the Family Fund featured on this page do help parents of disabled children with special needs with driving lessons.

Do check their eligibility criteria to see if you

Your local carers group may also be able to help find your local group have a look

Good luck! Julia


Once again THANK YOU to the Family Fund.

The grant is so helpful to get the things my family needs we have great days out too keep up the good work...

Family Fund
by: Lainey

My daughter has chronic kidney disease.

After an emergency admission to hospital I had a panic attack and it was a support worker there who applied to Family Fund for us.

I received a Family grant of £250 to stay in hospital with her, money to buy her toys suitable to occupy a bed rest child.

They also paid money out towards a better bed for her at home.

It was amazing and made a huge difference to us.

She still benefits from then bed and toys she can take on her numerous admissions to hospital.

God bless these people x


Fantastic that they were able to help so quickly. They really are wonderful. Julia

by: christine mcdonnell

I just want to say a big massive Thank You to Family Fund for providing us with Thomas Cook vouchers for a long awaited holiday.

We booked to go to Portaventura in Salou Spain it was fantastic.

My son Shea is 7 years and Autistic. I have never seen him so happy and excited.

This was priceless and heartwarming to see he was relaxed and happy in the pool. There was also a theme park which he absolutely loved and was constantly shrieking with excitement.

It was also lovely as a family to spend quality time all together. I can't thank the Family Fund enough as we wouldnt have been able to afford this otherwise.

It is nice to know we can go on holiday together and he will be happy to do so thank you again.


Thank you Christine - I will pass on your comments to the Family Fund - it's so important that everyone realises what an important role they play in making a difference to our children and our families lives. Julia

Can I apply?
by: Anonymous

Hi can i get a grant to help with learning resources and clothing to help my son who,s just turn 16 and is autistic?

Finding it very difficult and heartbreaking to enrolling him in a college, went for an interview with him and came out almost in tears. The man gestured towards my son with his hands up and down and said is this it by this time I gestured yes this his my son.

The interview went downhill, rang college left message on answer machine still awaiting reply.

His schooling education was not good - home schooled for last 9 months. He has left with no GCSE due to little help at school - he found it stressful.

Too many people, any advice from anyone would be appreciated.


What a terrible experience for you and your son.

The Family Fund can help up to age 17 years but do check their eligibility criteria.

There is a page on the Disability Grants website for young people - Have a look at it here.....

I would also suggest you contact your local carers centre as they can provide you will additional support.....Find your nearest one here.....

I do hope this helps and that you manage to find the support you need. Julia

Thank you Family Fund
by: Helen

Hello, we applied for a grant to take my son who has Hypolplastic left heart syndrome and micro deletion 12q. He has a life threatening illness .

With him being in hospital most of his baby years and me with him our other 4 children suffered, so we applied for a holiday grant from the Family Fund.

We were accepted and have just come back from Disneyland Paris which we celebrated Mason 2nd birthday.

We all had a great time being altogether. Thank you Family Fund

Williams family xxxxx


That's fantastic news Helen. So pleased that the Family Fund were able to help with this special trip for Mason.

Best wishes

Family Fund
by: Helen

My son has Aspergers. The Family Fund provided us with a laptop as I was concerned about the amount of time my son was off school due to anxiety>

They then also rang me to ask if I would also like £200.00 in Argos vouchers for X box games for him - I was amazed, just a shame that this organisation is not better advertised.

Told my sister about it as she also has a child with problems and she too received a grant.

More people should be made aware of this great organisation!!!!


Thank you so much Helen for letting us know about your success with the Family Fund.

I absolutely agree that this is a fantastic organisation. Like you I took a long while to find out about them but by helping each other we can make sure that others don't wait as long.

Best wishes

Thank You
by: surrya hussain

It was my first time applying for a grant for my son and I was really suprised that within six weeks I got my response.

I'd asked for two items a tumble dryer and a holiday. It was so quick and easy and within days I recived my Comet card to spend on the tumble dryer and Thomas cook vouchers.

I'd like to thank the Family Fund because these things will indeed come in use for my son and I would like to share this with other families in need.

by: Sasha

Hi Joanne, i was just wondering where you applied for a grant for driving lessons. I have recently became my grandmother's carer and I think if I was able to drive it would be so much simpler for hospital appointments etc.. x


Hi Sasha,

Unfortunately, you wouldn't be able to apply to the same charity as Joanne as this is for carers of disabled children.

However, the Princess Trust for Carers were providing some money towards driving lessons for carers. I'm not sure if this is still available but do check.

The Trust also have a number of Carers Centres around the country who will be able to offer you other support as well in your caring role. To find your local carers group go to.....

Best wishes

Family Fund
by: Laura from Kettering, Northamptonshire

I applied for a grant for new carpets for the stairs and landing and flooring for my son's room. I also applied for a new fridge. I received both of these and also a grant for some sensory equipment for my son.

The Family fund are brilliant. They were really quick in making a decision and our new things have made a massive difference.

I applied by requesting an application form over the phone and then sending it off along with all the required paperwork.

Family Fund
by: Joanne from Middlesbrough

I applied to the Family fund for driving lessons for myself.

It made a massive difference to my child because he didn't like sitting next to people on the bus. He also found going outside near roads noisy.

It also made me as a parent feel like I had acheived something and was able to help my son.

I looked up the details on-line. For first time applicants you have to download an application form.

The Family Fund is no longer able to provide funding for driving lessons for parents and carers

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