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Grants for Sports


The Adam Millichip Foundation

The Adam Millichip Foundation provides financial support to disabled people who wish to participate in sport, with the aim of improving the quality of their lives.

Applications are accepted from England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

To apply: complete the on line application form. Please note that this is an initial application and further details will be requested.


The Dan Maskell Tennis Trust

The Dan Maskell Tennis Trust supports individuals, disability groups, clubs and special schools through the purchase specialist wheelchairs and tennis equipment.

It will part fund the Matchpoint Quickie Aluminium tennis specific wheelchair and the Invacare Top End All Sport Wheelchair for individuals.

The trust may also fund tennis rackets, coaching lessons and development/coaching courses.

Disability groups and clubs may apply for more general tennis wheelchairs.  A £250 deposit is required towards each chair.

They can also apply for kit bags including tennis rackets, balls, mini nets and coaching aids.

The maximum grant per application is £1,500 for a group, club or project and £500 for an individual.

Next closing date for applications: 8th November 2016


The Dickie Bird Foundation

The Dickie Bird Foundation provides financial assistance to help disadvantaged children and young people under 18 years participate in their chosen sport.

Grants are available to help towards the cost of sports clothing and equipment. The Foundation is also making a contribution towards travel expenses to and from training within the UK.

To apply: download and complete the application form from the website. Financial information and referees are required.


Dream It Believe It Achieve It (DBA)

DBA supports the athletic endeavours of the disabled by providing financial help towards training, competition and specialist equipment.

It is open to anyone with a physical disability regardless  of ability - from paralympians to complete beginners as DBA believes that participation in sport at any level will increase self esteem, independence, and quality of life.

To find out more contact DBA either by

email: info@dreamitbelieveitachieveit.org or telephone: 0844 414 8288


Enable Sport

Caudwell Children have started a new programme "Enable Sport" to provide sport equipment to disabled children and young people under 19 years. The funding is limited and is a one off programme.

Applications will only be accepted where the parental gross income is less than £45,000 (not including benefits) pa. Financial information will be required on the application form.

Evidence of sporting involvement will be required from a sports coach,club or teacher as well as proof/confirmation of disability from an appropriate professional.

To apply download application form.


Get Kids Going!

Get Kids Going! is a National charity which provides disabled children and young people up to 26 years with the funding for specialist sports wheelchairs to enable them to participate in disability sports.

It is open to all young people from beginners to paralympic level.

The charity also gives sport grants to help with the cost of training, physiotherapy, travel and competition fees.

To apply e-mail info@getkidsgoing.com for an application form.


GLL Sport Foundation

The GLL Sport Foundation provides financial and training grants to talented young athletes to enable them to reach their full sporting potential and to provide positive role models to other young people in their local communities.

To qualify for a grant the young person must live or train within a local authority where GLL operate their sports and leisure facilities.

It awards financial grants of between £200 to £1,250 depending on the funding category of the young person and athlete training membership providing free access to sporting facilities managed by GLL. The Foundation funds all Olympic and Paralympic sports but may consider other other sports recognised by UK Sport.


Kids in Sport

The Kids in Sport charity was set up by the parents of Julian Budd in his memory to enable young people aged 5 to 16 years participate in sport.

It is able to help able and disabled young people with financial assistance to pay for sporting equipment, coaching, facilities and the cost of transportation to events.

Grants are provided to individuals, groups and schools.


The Richard Overall Trust

The Richard Overall Trust was created in memory of Richard who had Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy to help other disabled children and young people enjoy and participate in sport.

It provides funding for specialist sports equipment, training, sports clothes, transport and tickets to sporting events.

To apply: download an application form and return with supporting evidence from a suitable professional such as Occupational Therapist, Physiotherapist  GP or teacher.

Applications may be made by UK individuals, groups, families and carers.


Sport Aid

Sport Aid provides financial support to young talented athletes performing at National level in nearly 50 able-bodied and 25 disability sports.

It is open to young people aged between 12 to 18 years and up to 35 years for disability sports. The Sport Aid Award worth about £1,000 helps towards the cost of travel, training, accommodation, competition fees and sports equipment.

Nominations for the awards are made through the National Governing Body for your sport. They will be able to discuss the award in more detail and provide an application form.


SportsAid Scotland

SportsAid Scotland provides financial assistance to talented sporting young people (aged 12-22 years) and disabled athletes of any age.

Applicants must be competing at national level in their age group and have the potential to represent Scotland at senior level. 

The funding is provided to pay for travel and training costs.

To apply you will need to contact your National governing Body for your sport as you will require their nomination.  

Application forms are available in October of each year with a deadline of the end of November.


Sports Foundation for the Disabled

The Sports Foundation for the Disabled was established in 1990 following a major fundraising effort by its founder Bill Levick. He raised an enormous amount of money by completing a wheelchair push around the coast of Great Britain.

It supports physically disabled young people or adults residing in South West England or Wales.

The Foundation offers funding up to £1,000 (no partnership funding required) to contribute towards sporting activities, sporting equipment, or costs towards achieving a physical challenge.

To apply: complete the online application form.  Individuals may apply direct.

Although the charity do not require a recommendation from a professional the assessment process will involve a background check to ensure the application is legitimate

Organisations and groups may also apply for funding if they are engaged or propose to provide sporting activities for people with physical disabilities.


U Support

U Support helps children and young people with life limiting conditions, disability or other disadvantage to attend football matches and cultural events.

Although mainly based around Southampton Football Club it is able to provide access to football matches and other sporting/cultural events in London and other areas of the UK.

The organisation has also established links to support the Esperado Children's AIDS orphanage in South Africa.

To apply: use the online contact form or email info@usupport.org.uk


Wheel Appeal

Wheel Appeal launched by WheelPower, the national organisation for Wheelchair Sport provides new sports wheelchairs, training and coaching to enable disabled children and adults to take part in sport.

It will only fund manual sport wheelchairs, handcycles and ice hockey sledges up to a maximum grant of £1,500. Applicants may be asked to contribute £250 towards their equipment.

The organisation gives priority to the following groups:

  • Individuals wounded in the service of the UK
  • Adults over 18 years who became disabled within the last two years
  • Adults over 18 years who have never owned a sports wheelchair
  • Disabled children who have never owned a sport wheelchair

To access the application form you need to sign up to WheelPower's  free membership.

All applications must be supported by a recognised sports club, sports body, school or spinal unit.

The Wheel Appeal application is currently unavailable while they review the criteria.


The Worshipful Company of Fletchers

The Worshipful Company of Fletchers supports Archery for the Disabled.

It also awards grants to individuals, both newcomers to the sport and experienced/elite archers to purchase equipment.

To apply: download an application form from the website.

Confirmation of disability will be required along with a letter from a coach confirming that the equipment applied for is appropriate.


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Clubs and Groups

Archery Grants

Archery GB has launched Ontarget, a small grants scheme to support and develop club archery

Ontarget is open to all UK archery clubs affiliated to Archery GB.

Clubs will be asked to specialise in one of three areas: 

  • Young people
  • Community
  • Performance

Further information and application form can be downloaded from the website.

The Ontarget grant scheme is now closed for 2017.


Boost Charitable Trust

Boost supports organisations that champion the disabled and disadvantaged through sport.

It is able to offer small grants (under £500) and larger grants (over £500)

The charity has previously supported a wide range of sports including Boccia, skiing, wheelchair rugby and wheelchair basketball.


Cash 4 Clubs

Cash for Clubs provides funding for sports clubs throughout the UK to improve facilities, buy new equipment,and provide training for qualifications.

It is currently open for applications for staff and or volunteers from sports clubs to take part in training, gain qualifications and certifications related to your sport.

Any sports club registered with their National Governing Body can apply for awards of either £250, £500, £750 and £1,000. Funding decisions are made 3 times a year.

To apply complete the on-line application form.

Deadline for applications: 26th May 2017.


The Canoe Foundation

The Canoe Foundation has a budget of £25,000 a year to provide small grants for paddle sport related projects.

Applications for funding are open to not-for-profit organisations, charities, clubs, schools and other groups in the UK, the Isle of Man or the Channel Islands who work with young people and/or individuals with Disabilities.

Grants are usually awarded up to £1,000 though in exception cases the panel may award up to £2,000.

To apply: download an application form


Peter Harrison Foundation

The Peter Harrison Foundation's "Opportunities through Sport" programme supports sporting activities and projects that provide opportunities for the disabled and disadvantaged.

It is able to fund one off capital projects and will also consider funding for new projects and existing projects if additional funding will secure it's success.


The Rowing Foundation

The Rowing Foundation enables clubs or organisations to include disabled people, of all ages, in the sport, that do not necessarily qualify for funding from other sources.

It provides grants of approximately £500-£2,000  to organisations and clubs that are involved in Rowing and who are individually affiliated to British Rowing (other than via their governing body).

The Foundation does not give grants to support sailing or swimming.

Funding is only granted for ‘one off’ projects or for the purchasing equipment rather than any type of core funding.

Apply using the online application form or email: applications@therowingfoundation.org.uk


RYA Sailability

RYA Sailability promotes sailing for people with disabilities by encouraging organisations to increase participation.

Grants may be provided to develop participation in sailing under the following headings:

  • Volunteer recruitment
  • Training
  • Provision for disabled children and young people
  • Equipment provision
  • Grants for minor activities

Detailed guidelines and an application form can be downloaded from the website.


Sport England

Sport England operates a wide range of funds to benefit not for profit organisations and sports projects.

It is keen to encourage young disabled adults and disabled individuals participation in sport and will fund extra equipment and improvements to existing facilities such as improved access.

The funding streams are varied and range from £300 to millions of pounds. 

It's Small Grants programme makes awards for sports projects from £300 to £10,000 to not-for-profit organisations to help more people play sport.  This programme is also able to fund sports equipment.

Full details of all their funding programmes and extra advice on making an application can be found on their website.  

It includes:

Sportivate -  a Sport England initiative inspired by the 2012 Olympics.  It has been extended to March 2017.

It is aimed at young people aged 11 to 25 years who are not particularly sporty but want to play more sport.

The scheme provides free or subsidised 6 to 8 weeks of coaching sessions in a variety of sports.

The funding can pay for coaching, equipment, venue hire, training costs and marketing.

It is fully inclusive and includes young people with a disability.

Each area offers different activities and different deadlines for applications.  Use the online search to find out how to apply in your area.

Sport England have introduced a new fund - Core Market Fund to 'help the active stay active when life changes'

It is interested in working with partners from inside and outside the sports community.  This might include health professionals supporting people who have a serious injury or illness to find an activity that suits their current situation.

The deadline for expressions of interest is 5pm on Monday 22 May 2017.


Sport Northern Ireland

Sport Northern Ireland is the leading body for sport in Northern Ireland responsible for developing sports participation and sport facilities.

It has the following funding programmes:

  • Active Awards - prioritises projects that increase sports participation in underrepresented groups such as women and the disabled.
  • Active Clubs - to support and enable accessible and sustainable participation opportunities through sports clubs. (currently closed)
  • Active Schools - to increase extra curriculum sports.  Grants range from £1,000 to £5,000.  (currently closed)
  • Athlete Investment - will run until March 2017 (currently closed)
  • Facility Fund - to improve sports facilities.
  • Sporting Clubs and Sporting Winners Investment Programme 2017 


Sports Scotland

Sports Scotland is the National agency for sport in Scotland.

It has four sports funding programmes:

  • Sportsmatch - temporary suspended due to demand.
  • Awards for All - supports smaller sports groups with funding.  Grants range from £500 to £10,000 for projects that bring local communities together.
  • Sports Facilities Fund - capital funding aimed at improving sport facilities.
  • UKCC Subsidy - an award for coaches to support their coach education and development

The website also has an online search facility for other grants.


Sport Wales

Sport Wales is the National organisation for developing and promoting sport and physical activity in Wales.

It provides funding for community sports through:

  • Community Chest - Offers awards of up to £1,500 in any 12 months to increase sports participation and standards.
  • Development Grants - for community groups to establish a new team or sport facility.  Grants range from £1,501 to £25,000

Sport Wales also provides funding for athletes through SportsAid Wales.


The Swimathon Foundation

The Swimathon Foundation offers funding to groups and individuals who provide and promote swimming in their local community.

Grants vary from £300 to £2,500 to groups that fulfill their eligibility criteria

In the past year they have funded swimming programmes for special needs but does not include hydrotherapy pools.

The scheme is now open to applications and will close on Friday 17th March 2017.


Table Tennis England

Table Tennis England runs a Disability Table Grant Scheme.

It gives the opportunity for organisations or charities which work with people with disabilities or impairments to purchase a table tennis table at a subsidised rate.

Prices start from £160. Sport England is providing the funding for the scheme.

Eligible organisations include community groups, charities and not for profit Leisure Providers who wish to introduce or expand the current provision of table tennis, with the outcome of enabling more people to participate on a regular basis.

Table Tennis England is also able to offer its Premier Clubs the Club Support Scheme, which offers affiliated clubs between £350 and £750 towards making their club more inclusive.

For more information please email:development@tabletennisengland.co.uk


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