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by Lindsey Churchill 
(North Somerset)

groundsman rolling the cricket square

I work for Perennial which is an occupational charity.

We help people who are working or have worked as gardeners, groundsmen, greenkeepers, tree surgeons or anything else where they get their hands dirty working with plants. 

We give grants for a wide range of things and we also help with benefit problems and have a full debt advice service.

The good news is that there is an occupational charity for most occupations and they all have funds to give.

All work slightly differently and all have different criteria but most will help people who have been employed for some years in their trade if they are then disabled or a carer.

If you want some more information about this or if you are wondering if there is an occupational charity that could help you you might find the information you need on the website and if you have been employed in the horticultural trades you can contact me by email


Hi Lindsey
Thanks for getting in touch to tell us about your charity. I will add it to our Individual Occupations page...

Grants for Individual Occupations


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