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Learning Disability Resources

A-Z of Learning Disabilities

The Foundation for People with Learning Disabilities has a useful A to Z of learning disabilities, topical issues and sources of support.


Communication Passport

SCOPE's popular Communication Passport has been updated and is designed to help new people understand the non verbal child or adult.

It guides you through the process of creating a Communication Passport and includes a template for an "All about Me" booklet.


Cook and Eat

Cook and Eat easy read cook books are a range of specially adapted cookery books.

The books have been written so that people with learning disabilities can make more meals with less help.

There are 4 books in the series:

  • Small Meals – meals you might eat at lunchtime
  • Big Meals – meals you might eat at teatime
  • Cooking from Scratch – meals you might make if you enjoy cooking
  • Baking – includes easy and hard recipes

Each book is priced £11.95 plus postage. 

Email their charity EyUp! on EyUp.Charity@swyt.nhs.uk or call 01924 316203 to purchase the books.


DOSH supports people with Learning Difficulties to be more independent with their money.

It provides financial advocacy, appointeeship, account management and other money support with adults with Learning Difficulties.

DOSH has written a guide to money that includes benefits, banks and invoices.


IT Resources for Learning Difficulties

The Downs Syndrome Association has put together a comprehensive list of resources for people with Downs Syndrome and Learning Difficulties.

It covers software, apps, computers, tablets and smartphones along with the use of IT and the internet.

The page will be updated regularly.


Cerebra operate a popular free postal lending library of books on neurological conditions, media DVD's and sensory equipment.

Anyone in the UK (including Northern Ireland can borrow items from the library.

Two books can be borrowed at a time and sensory items borrowed for one month.

A catalogue of items available may be downloaded from the Cerebra website.

To find out more call either their helpline Tel: 01267 244200 or email janetp@cerebra.org.uk

Making Money Easier

United Response have created 6 free guides to "Make Money Easier" for individuals with Learning Difficulties.

They include advice on opening a bank account and a guide to help people live independently.

Free to download from the website.

Raising Our Sights Guides

Mencap and the PMLD Forum have put together a series of "How to" guides and films to outline what good services and support look like for individuals with PMLD (Profound and Multiple Learning Difficulties).

There are 10 guides and 6 supporting films covering a range of topics including personalisation, housing and communication.

They are free to download.


Safer Net

Safer Net gives advice on staying safe online for people with learning difficulties, and those who support them.

It also covers on-line abuse and mate crime.


Toilet Training for Children with Autism and Intellectual Disabilities

A new guide from Cerebra on toilet training for children with Autism and intellectual disabilities who have day time wetting.

It does not cover bed wetting or night time enuresis.

The guide looks at the effect of developmental delay on toilet training together with the physical, behavioural and sensory issues.  You can also download an useful infographic.


Your Good Health!

Your Good Health! is a toolkit for family carers of adults with learning disabilities.

It is designed to help carers think about the importance of looking after themselves as caring can have an impact on carers health too!

FTC Disclosure

If you make a purchase via a link on this site, Disability Grants may receive a small commission on the transaction - at no added cost to you.

Thank you!

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