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Funding for a Wheelchair

by Katie

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My Husband suffers from Cerebral Palsy - just in his legs.

We have 2 children, one 6 and the other nearly 9 months. His condition has become worse due to his age.

His wheelchair is in dire need of replacing and we can't afford a new one.

I have recently given up work to care for him full time. And we are waiting to move to a ground floor flat as we live upstairs.

How can we recive a grant as we all ready use Motability for our family car?


Hi Katie
It's amazing how quickly wheelchairs deteriorate when they are used all the time. But don't worry you may still be able to apply for a grant even though you have a Motability car - just not from Motability!

Before applying to any charities or trusts do check that your husband can't get a new wheelchair from Wheelchair Services in Kent.

The Wheelchair Service varies around the country so I can't comment on what's available in Kent. Some still offer the heavier style wheelchairs whereas others are offering lighter weight wheelchairs with low back seating, making them easier to self propel.

If the wheelchairs from Wheelchair Services aren't suitable you can ask them for a wheelchair voucher. This is worth varying amounts from person to person - it just depends on an individual's requirements. The voucher is their contribution to a privately funded wheelchair.

Charities will ask if you have applied for a voucher as it helps keep their costs down.

These charities might be able to help.....

The Mobility Trust

The Act Foundation

The League of the Helping Hand

The Elifar Foundation

You will need to check out their eligibility criteria and download their application forms to apply direct.

One expense people often forget when they obtain charity funding is wheelchair insurance. Usually, the charity funding the wheelchair make it a requirement of receiving the grant. From my experience this costs about £50 to £60 a year.

Good luck with your applications.

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