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by Barry
(Great Britain )

I am a disabled military veteran, with severe military PTSD.

I was a military weapon/bomb dog handler. Then something freak took away my ability to be a sportsman. I went from a super mega serviceman, to being a wheelchair driver.

I was taught to take up challenges, but gradually I got worn down. I went to a country event, there was a dog charity. It was like touching a live electric wire and I wanted a dog. So, I applied and a year later, got a flat coated Retriever named Guy.

He was utterly awesome the things he did the lot. We went all over the country, giving talks, demos etc.

Guy brought in £25,000 but sadly the charity changed beyond any words, because he reached 11 the pressure to retire was to much, but I retired him early. He passed away May 21 2021 at 2040 in my arms. But I knew he was getting old

Inspite of being disabled I wanted to train a dog, like it was in my military time. So I brought Winston, introduced him to Guy , and they become the most of best of best mates. Winston respected him as the top dog.

I then started training him with the great help of my wife. Truthfully it was very hard work. It was a really strong challenge.

When he was a year and half a military charity arranged a fully qualified trainer/behaviourist to come every two weeks to see that my training was up to the required standard. The trainer simply said he is brilliant there is nothing that your doing wrong and I was told your training is breath taking.

I have a top class dog. He senses my black moods like nothing on earth. Races if I am on my bed to lick and cuddle me to death and will not leave me until I say I am ok Winnie.

As he gets older he is getting wiser and wiser he truly is my soul mate, I am so deeply proud of him so so much.

Thank you so much Barry sharing your story of Guy and Winston. They sound like they were remarkable dogs.

It's so wonderful to share your life with a dog and to have a soul mate who understands you completely.


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