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by Laura Horsfield
(Bradford, West Yorkshire, UK )

Willow is an English Springer Spaniel who is training to be an Assistance dog for her handler and owner Laura.

Willow came to live with Laura her husband and children at just 8 weeks of age.

It was unknown if Willow would be able to be task trained to help mitigate Laura’s disabilities and multiple chronic illnesses at this stage as a family they showed her lots of love and allowed her to be a puppy having lots of fun and building confidence

They gradually started to introduce different training skills and training plans into daily life.

It became apparent at about nine weeks of age that Willow was a fast learner as she started to automatically loop her training skills together to sit give paw take an item from her family to her bed and curl up with the item.

As willow started to grow up she began to learn how to walk next to Laura’s wheelchair on and off lead to alert when Laura’s medications alarm are going off.

Also passing Laura items from around the house on cue when asked from different rooms.

They will be introducing more training and tasks as and when needed.

Willow is helping Laura to have much needed independence and has had a positive impact on the entire family.

They are currently training with organisations and looking for financial assistance to help with these charges as they require a monthly fee with assessment fees and ongoing costs

You can follow all Willows progress on social media.


Willow sounds an amazing helper for Laura and is making such a difference.

Your pictures are lovely. Thank you. Julia

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