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USA Grants for Children

Having a disabled child is HARD WORK!

And a financial strain on your bank account!

Juggling the bills to pay for special clothing, medical supplies, regular trips to the doctors, extra loads of laundry etc....

Paying for your child to talk may seem kind of odd but that’s exactly what you have to do if your child has communication issues.

With a communication device retailing at more than $5,000 the sums involved are huge and within a few years the device will be out of date - leaving you cringing at the thought of finding the same sum..... 

All over again!

Just giving your child the chance to enjoy the fun things in life like other kids involves an eye watering amount of money – instead of a few hundred dollars for a bike you are looking at thousands.

Add the cost of specially designed shoes, incontinence supplies and home medical equipment it doesn't take an accountant to work out that the costs are high.

And these are just the essentials as it doesn't end there...other items that will improve the quality of life such recreational devices and specialist computer equipment all need additional funds too!

So, you’ll be glad to know that charities offer financial support to disabled children.....

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