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by Diane Neill

We applied to Trefoil for holiday money.

This meant we could go on holiday and not have to worry about having no spending money. I was actually in tears looking for someone to help us.

I can't remember whether we applied online or rang them up. They were very nice.

First year we applied we got £500.
Second year we applied we got £350.

They ask for references from a specialist/doctor. But do chase them up as specialists drag their feet - they did in our case.

I explained to them I was applying again because we had money to pay towards the Motability car contribution as they call it.

If you apply 2 years on the run you have to wait 3 years, to give others the chance of getting help.

They made our holiday so much more relaxing and enjoyable and Michael able to enjoy himself without the worry of running out of money. They were a blessing.



Thank you so much for sharing this Diane.

It really makes it a holiday if you don't have to watch every penny you are spending. When you are away from home there is always lots of extra costs and worrying about this can stop you relaxing and enjoying yourself.


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Supported by Trefoil
by: Syeda

Thankyou to trefoil for helping ikram and mikhail both have enjoyed their awarded holiday support along with family over the last few years..
Your generosity was apreciated by my family

Comments are Closed
by: Julia Tyrrell

Thank you

Good Post
by: Elizabeth7

I am very happy to find this website and post. Keep sharing such kinds of post here.

by: David McArthur Chief Executive Trefoil

I am delighted that we were able to help.

Just to be clear however our holiday grants are made on the basis of supporting the child named in the application and is intended to enable the holiday to take place. It is not specifically a grant to provide "spending money" so any application will be assessed on the basis of need although I am sure that paying a contribution to costs will also help with other elements of the holiday.

Thank you for your kind comments regarding the help we provided it is really encouraging to receive this type of feedback. We do try hard to assist as many people as possible. I look forward to lots of applications.



Many thanks for your comments David.


Thank You - Trefoil
by: Diane Neill

Thank you for letting me add this information to your site it will help others out when in need of extra money for spends on their holiday for the family.


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