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Slimbridge Wetlands Centre

Slimbridge is a fantastic place to visit for all ages.

The wheelchair friendly paths take you on a journey around the world to see amazing birds from flamingo's to black swans.

Around the site there are a number of benches and resting places where you can relax and eat a picnic. There are ramps into the hides for viewing the migrant birds on the wetlands. The viewing slots are at two heights making it easy for a wheelchair user to see out onto the wetlands.For children there are colourful interactive displays.

The visitors centre is spacious and easy to move around. It has a large cafe with a good selection of food. The tables and chairs can be moved around to make room for a wheelchair user.

There are 6 disabled toilets - 5 in the Visitors centre and one in the grounds.

They have a selection of wheelchairs (including electric wheelchairs) for visitors to use with a voluntary donation of £3. You can book them by phoning in advance.

The disabled parking is located close to an outside disabled toilet and the main entrance ramp. Even on the busiest summer day there is ample parking.

Admission fees are discounted for the over 65's, students and the unemployed. Carers assisting disabled visitors have free admission.

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