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Severn Trent Water

by Leanne

I was in arrears with my water rates, plus other bills when I found out that you can get a grant from Severn Trent Water.

They paid off my water rates and one of my bills.

Plus because my washing machine had broken down they helped by having a new one delivered.

It was so nice to have some help and clear some bills too.


That's fantastic news Leanne - I didn't know they helped with washing machines too!

It's great that some water companies like Severn Trent help if you go into arrears.

As each water company is different anyone needing support will need to contact your local water supplier to find out what's available in their area.

One saving run by all the Water companies in England, Wales and Scotland is a scheme to offer capped bills to disabled individuals and people on certain benefits.

To apply for the scheme you do have to have a meter fitted so it's a case of looking at your own situation to see if you would benefit from making a change.


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by: Julia Tyrrell

Thank you

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