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Newlife Foundation

by Diane Neill

We applied to the Newlife Foundation for a shed for our son's disability equipment.

It meant we could put his equipment away in a safe place and still be able to play inside.

To apply, we rang the nurse and spoke to her. We then downloaded an application form filled all the details in and then sent application off to Newlife.

Newlife rang me up and told me we were accepted and that the shed 8ft x 8ft would be delivered by Argos priced @ £499.00.

You can apply 12 months on if you need anything else towards helping your child.

Check the website out.....


Thanks for sharing Diane. It's amazing how much equipment you need when you have a disabled child!

I'm impressed that Newlife was flexible about funding a shed and not a specific piece of equipment.

I didn't know that you could apply again 12 months after your grant - so thanks for that too.


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by: Julia Tyrrell

Thank you

Am I eligible?
by: Tracey

Hi I have a 13 year old son who is Autistic. Would I be eligible as I am not working at the moment?

My son spends a lot of time in his bedroom & would really like a new Xbox that I really cant afford at the moment.


Hi Tracy, I suggest you contact Newlife to see if they are able to help you.

You might also think about seeing if you are eligible for the Family Fund as they can help with unusual requests.

by: Samantha

Hi I am really unsure if Newlife could help.

I need mobility pushchair for my son he has Williams syndrome and micro duplication 15q13.2-13.3 syndrome.

Would I be able to get a grant to help I cannot afford fund myself? The Occupational Therapist won't help until he's 3. Xx


Hi Samantha,

The Occupational Therapist may not be able to refer you to Wheelchair Services until your son is 3 years. This might be a local rule.

However, get your son's GP/physiotherapist on board and explain why you need the specialist pushchair. They might be able to liaise with the OT for you.

Do try this route first before contacting Newlife to make sure you have exhausted all your local options. They may also need an OT/Physio report to make sure that your suggestion is the correct one for your son.

Good luck! Julia


Hi all,

I need some assistance in finding a grant in order to get a air flow pressure mattress for my son who has cerebral palsy, we have tried 3 of the conventional sleeping systems but none suit our son


Hi Philip To obtain something as specialised as this you will need the support of your son's Occupational Therapist or Physiotherapist as charities will need to be sure that it's suitable for him.

I do recommend looking through the grants in the children's section of this website.

Grants for Disabled Children

Newlife or Children Today may be good charities to approach first. But do look at the others listed too.


by: Jo

Thank you Julia x

by: Jo

Hi can you tell me as I got the Family Fund for my son last year can I apply for this charity as well ?


Hi Jo Yes you can. You can apply to any of the other charities on Disability Grants if you fulfil their eligibility criteria.

Of course, do remember to apply only for things you definitely need and are unable to fund yourself.

Hope that helps

Best wishes

"Helping Others"
by: Diane Neill

"Helping Others"

This is what I like to do by passing important information on to other parents/carers.


by: Julia

Hi Diane

Yes please any information would be welcome. Please could you e-mail me through the Website's Contact Form.
Many Thanks


Grant help
by: Diane

Thanks for that Julia.

There is lots of help out there it's knowing where to look!

I have gained quite a lot of information since having Michael, and finding out that no one is prepared to tell you.

Other than grants I have more information on other types of information where would you suggest I post my suggestions etc... xxx

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