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Leo - the Lab!

by Nuala

I've applied for an assistance dog, but given the waiting time. It could be a 2 year wait.

We had a beautiful cocker spaniel for almost 19 years, when he died last year, we were all totally bereft.

My daughters wouldn't wait and as a friend of mine was a breeder (a very responsible one at that!) she provided my adult children with Leo - the lab.

As I do not leave the house very often, I
began training him at 8 weeks old. He is so easy to train,

I just wish, as your organisation stated in the request for better legislation, that there was a test I could take. I trained him According to the guide dog standards, I just wish I could have this verified.

As it turns out Leo has a very unusual heart condition, the valves around high Aorta are not closing properly.

There's no “specialist cardiologist “ available here in Ireland to perform the operation. And at this strange and peculiar time, we somehow have to get him over to Somerset, UK or he will Simply die.

He is only a year and half old and can't go into the hold of the plane as the Vet said he wouldn’t make it. So we will have to take a very arduous journey to Holyhead. It's a very very long drive in this time when the Police are everywhere.

I know he would be perfectly fine on a plane with me, but unless I am affiliated with one of your organisations, I cannot fly with him.

We couldn’t afford this operation, but not to be beaten we came up with this:

There is no doubt he believes he is a “small lapdog” as my 30kg dog likes to sit on my knee!


My apologies for the delay in replying to your submission. Disability Grants has been closed.

It's so hard when your dog requires expensive medical treatment - the costs are so high these days.

I noticed your fundraising page has closed - you raised a terrific amount. I do hope this was enough for Leo to have his operation.

These are dreadful times we are living in making travel so risky.

Stay safe and I do hope all is well.


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