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It would be nice to have a Grant

by Beverley

My daughter has Autism, Epilepsy, and ADHD. Please help me in getting a grant Julia.

Thank you, Beverley (Mum)


Hi Beverley

Many of the charities listed in the children's pages may be suitable for your daughter.

Children's charities don't always restrict to specific disabilities - where it says disabled children it means all children. If there are particular requirements I have placed this in the charity's information.

You do need to apply to the charities direct - I can't help you with that. Usually its a case of getting hold of the application form. Either on-line or by phone - filling it in and waiting.

They may ask on the form why you want the grant and details of your daughter's condition. This is just to help the charity understand why you asking for the grant.

You may also have to provide evidence that your child needs whatever you are asking for. This is usually a letter from the GP, social worker or some other health professional.

I hope that explains a little about applying for grants and using the site. Do get back to me if you have any other questions.

best wishes



Family Fund
by: Anonymous

There is a charity that provides a grant that can help with a lot of things. They are called the Family Fund. I have a son with disabilities and they have helped me to get things for my son xx

Help with holiday
by: shirley

I would love an to be able to take my granddaughter to Spain as her dream is to swim with dolphins.

I have bought Gaby up since the age of 3yrs she as temporal lobe epilepsy and behavioural problems.

I have struggled very hard at times without any support from organisations. Can you help make a dream come true?

Thank you


Hi Shirley, Most charities only fund holidays in the UK but those that do are the dream charities.

Have a look at the list on this page to see if your granddaughter meets any of their conditions.

Grants for Children - Dreams and Wishes

Best of luck

Applying to charities direct - Near impossible!
by: Anonymous

I write to let you know that I have been trying to apply direct to the different available charities but always it says that to apply to have to be an organisation/have a project/be a community or group etc.


Each charity has their own grant criteria. Some are only for groups/organisations while others are for individuals.

And just to confuse it even further some charities ask that applications for individuals are submitted by a support group or a recognised professional such as a Therapist!

Most charities irrespective of who applies usually request that the application is supported by a professional confirming an individual's condition or need.

On Disability Grants we always list who can apply for the grants and if any supporting evidence is required.

Hope that helps a little. Julia

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