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Cerebra, a charity for children with brain related conditions have created an Information resource section "Get Information" to signpost parents to useful organisations and relevant information.

The resource will be up and running soon as Cerebra are moving items across to their new website.

Cerebra also have a postal lending library of books on neurological conditions, DVD's and sensory toys. It can be used by anyone in the UK (including Northern Ireland). It is free to use.

Citizens Advice Bureau

Citizens Advice provides a free and confidential advice service to help people with legal, money and other problems.

They are able to offer advice at their local offices around the UK or by telephone.

On-line advice on your money, family, daily life and legal rights can be found on their Advice Guide website.

This includes information on your responsibilites as an small employer if you are employing a carer through Direct Payments and benefits for people who are sick or disabled.


Counselling Directory

The Counselling Directory is an on-line resource to help you find a local counsellor and for your own individual needs.

It lists full profiles of each counsellor, the areas of counselling each counsellor offers, their fees and background information.

The site also includes useful articles and information on the different types of psychological therapies available.


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