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In desperate need of Time Out

by Christine
(Ayrshire, Scotland)

Id love to take my daughter to Disneyland Paris. She's autistic and has learning disabilities.

She has been a great help to Gran, seeing her through cancer last year and has been so patient with me as I've been practically housebound for the past 4 months with arthritis. I'm awaiting a hip replacement.

Bullying, struggling with school work and not being accepted by peers. I think she deserves a break.

The wee soul has asked to go to Disneyland for years, can you help me to make her dream come true?


Hi Christine I think it would be a lovely idea to take your daughter to Disneyland Paris.

If your daughter is under 21 years one of the Dream charities listed here.....

Dreams and Wishes for Disabled Children

might be able to fund a trip to Disneyland Paris.

You might also like to look at the Happy Days charity as they sometimes fund overseas holidays.

As your daughter has helped care for yourself and your mum your local carers group may have some funding for Young Carers to have a break. I think these two might be the ones closest to you....

North Ayrshire Carers Centre: northayrshire@unity-enterprise.com 01294 311 492

East Ayrshire Carers Centre: admin@eastayrshirecarers.org.uk 01563 571 533

All the best with your search

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