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by Lynda and Herman

Herman helping with lift at train station

Herman helping with lift at train station

Herman came to live with me 1 year 2 months and 1 week ago. I cannot believe how quick the time has gone!

He has enabled me in my independence so much! I am disabled and a full time wheelchair user.

The main tasks he does for me are:

1. Pick up constantly dropped items, and put them in my lap

2. Open and close the bathroom door with a 'tug toy' (open the door) and his nose (push the door shut).

3. Operates electric buttons and light switches with his nose

4. Helps me off with my clothes (not my socks as he tends to bite them in exuberance lol). This is specially important with outdoor clothing. I no longer need to ask a stranger to take my waterproof jacket off, when it stops raining!

5. Opens the washing machine door with his mouth, puts the washing in and takes it out again, then gets a garment out of the basket and gives it to me in my lap, so I can peg it on the washing line - he hands me the pegs too!

6. Assists me out of bed, by pulling back the covers, grabs my PJ sleeves and gently tugs me into a sitting position, so I can transfer from my bed into my wheelchair.

7. When he has had his food, he brings me the bowl and places it into my lap, so that I can wash it up.

He is a constant companion, a 'magnet' for making doggy friends (for himself as well as me!).

I WOULD NOT BE WITHOUT HIM! HE is my 2nd Assistance dog - 2 yellow Labradors


My apologies for the delay in replying to your submission Lynda.

Herman sounds a remarkable dog - it's amazing how many things he can help you with and the difference it makes to your life.

I think the social aspect of having a dog is sometimes overlooked. Especially at this time with Covid. Just a nod and a hello across the pavement can make such a difference when you've been on your own all day.

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Feb 10, 2022
by: Anonymous

He sounds amazing; I’m hoping to start my process soon; as this will make my life so much easier as have a physical disabilities but also on my anxiety level as well as I hate going out on my own.

Enjoy your partnership

I do hope it all works out for you. Julia

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