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Help for a Holiday

I would like help with a grant for family holiday for my daughter and son who have disabilities.

It would be nice to have a break.


Hi Margaret,

I know what you mean - it's good to get away sometimes.

There are charities which help towards holidays for families with disabled children. These are listed in the Holiday section of this website.

Good luck!


Challenger Children's Fund (CCF)
by: Grace

You could also try Challenger Children's Fund, Grants of up to £500 for just about anything.

Challenger Children's Fund


Thanks Grace that's a great help. I've just checked it out and its open to any disabled person under 18 years, resident in Scotland.

Please Help
by: Anonymous

My brother got murdered and my niece was taken into care. I have taken a year fighting for her in court as her mum was unfit.

My niece is deaf and has a few problems due to her mum being on drugs.

I had already booked my family holiday. But now I've got my niece and I can't afford her ticket to come with us. She is 4 years old. Is there anywhere that can please please help me so I can take her too?


I wonder if this is something a local charity such as Rotary, Round Table or Lions may be able to help with.

All local authorities should have a short breaks programme for disabled children. Depending on your local scheme they might be flexible and contribute towards your niece's holiday costs.

Your local carers group may also be able to offer some assistance. You can find your local group here....

Good luck for the future.

Need help for a Holiday
by: nichola

I would like help with a grant for family holiday for my family of 4 daughters - one has a disability.

I have never been on an family holiday before with my Mum and Dad was I was younger.

I can not see why we didn't as it so hard to be able to do and afford.

For as all to be able to go away it would make such an difference to as all.

If we got to go as it would be the frist time for us all and would stop the kids getting picked on as they have never be away.

Their friends make fun of them because of this.

I just fill so drained and tried thinking why can we not get away for an week or two.

Please let me know what to do to get this help as I have no idea and have no relatives.

Many Thanks


Hi Nichola Don't despair there are holidays you can apply for. 

Many carers groups now have support who can help you find funding towards a holiday. In some areas they even have their own caravan for their carers to use.

Do find your local carers group by having a look at this page....

They will also be able to tell you about other services locally that might be able to help you. 

Other charities that can help with holidays can be found in the holiday's section of this

I hope you manage to get the holiday you so clearly deserve.


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