Great Yarmouth

Hi I live in Lowestoft, very near Great Yarmouth, and I happened to know that they have beach wheelchairs in Yarmouth, though sadly not in Lowestoft where I am :(

However I am going to copy and paste the link for their webpage and some of the information on that webpage for you here:

"Great Yarmouth introduced two brand new specially designed beach wheelchairs in 2014 with large pneumatic wheels which just slide over sand so that you can all* enjoy the beach.

Whether it's a lazy day on the sand, or a brisk stroll along the beach in spring or autumn with the dog, come and hire a beach wheelchair from the Tourist Information Centre so that everyone in the family can enjoy the sand.

Pushers are required as it's a little tricky to manhandle the wheels in the usual way, however users of our beach wheelchairs last year were delighted to be able to get on the sand without having to be dug out again and several commented that it had been years since they had been able to go on the beach in a more traditional wheelchair.

*Please note that you must be able to transfer yourself from your usual wheelchair onto a beach wheelchair as unfortunately we do not have a hoist available.

The chairs are supplied with a chest strap but do not have a head support.

The maximum weight is 22 stone (308 lbs / 140kg).

Children should be at least 3' (92cm) tall to fit in the chair.

Staff in the Tourist Information Centre will be pleased to look after your traditional wheelchair whilst you have a beach wheelchair out on loan.

If you'd like to make sure that we've got a beach wheelchair spare for you to use, just give us a call on 01493 846346 and we'll make sure one is ready and waiting for you.

No charge is made for this free service, all we require is a refundable deposit - please see our hire terms & conditions available in the Tourist Information Centre.

Our accessible holidays page has more information about accommodation or attractions suitable for wheelchair users."

From the Greater Yarmouth official tourism website.


That sounds fantastic - thank you for sharing.


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