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by Graham

The Quorn Community Garden group

Hello Julia

I'm part of a group in my village trying to establish a community garden.

The site we hope to develop in in the centre of the village
which is Quorn in Leicestershire - East Midlands.

We would very much like to ensure that we have wheelchair access and raised beds with a sensory garden at the chosen site.

Are there any grants to fund this sort of work?


Thank you for getting in touch - your scheme sounds fantastic as there is such a shortage of places to go if you are in a wheelchair. The sensory garden is a lovely idea.

Check out the Queen Elizabeth Field Challenge which has been set up to celebrate the Queen's Diamond Jubilee in 2012. It aims to protect outdoor community spaces to create a permanent living legacy of this great event.

If your project is accepted as a Queen Elizabeth II Field you can then make an application for funding for your project from the SITA Trust

The Tree Council also provides funding to community groups through their "Community Trees programme" if you have children under 16 years actively involved in the planting project. (The 2014 Fund is now closed)

Another charity which has funded community gardens in the past is the People's Postcode Trust

UPDATE: December 2014

Grow Wild is a four year campaign to encourage people to sow UK native wild flowers.

Funding ranging from £500 to £5,000 is available for community and local groups across the UK to create a community site in their local area.


The Woodland Trust is also continuing to run their Plant Trees initiative by donating free tree packs to schools, youth groups and other community groups.


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