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Grant for a Laptop

by Barry

Laptop with metal casing

Would it be possible to get a grant for a computer for my partner who has Multiple Sclerosis?

She does not venture out much but it will be almost impossible for her during the winter.

Pat is a very frightened person even when going out with me. She lacks confidence in her ability and worries about me as well if we are to venture out in the winter.

She has started to get a group of friends and also my family. Pat has just moved in with me from London to Cornwall, and we plan to marry next July.

So, when the bad weather comes she will not be able to go out visiting.

She has just started to communicate on social websites and to order things of the Internet like shopping. This gives her a bit of independence which is slowly disappearing from her life.

Pat is 60 and I am 68 and we are in our golden years.

I have plenty to do looking after her but Pat sometimes becomes very frustrated because of her lack of ability to do things for herself. So being able to communicate with friends and family would be fabulous for her.

Thank you for reading our question

Regards Barry and Patricia


Hi Barry Thank you for getting in touch.

Pat might be able to get funding for a laptop from the Multiple Sclerosis Society.

Their local branches can provide grants towards items of equipment that will make a difference to her disability.

Your nearest branch is the Pymouth Liskard and Districts branch. To find out about their grants contact them on 01752 240490

To find out more about other grants from the Multiple Sclerosis Society Click here

They also provide financial support for short breaks and other activities which might be useful in the future.

Best wishes for your wedding in July.

Comments for Grant for a Laptop

by: Anna C Young

If you are at University or the Open University you could get a computer through the Disabled Student's Allowance.

I hope this helps. Anna

Who do I Contact?
by: suzzanne unwin

My sisters are both disabled.

One has Downs Syndrome and walking problems with a mental age two. She is very shy wont mix well with others and she get very frustrated because of her problems.

She needs a wheelchair that is light weight so I can take her out more often.

My other sister needs a laptop as she is Autistic, with behaviour problems, a mental age 11, gran mal epilepsy and walking problems. She has used a friend's laptop and find she as taken to it very well.

Having a laptop would allow her she would talk to family and shop online for herself as she can read and write.

Any information would be greatly received. Thank you.


Hi Suzanne,

For a wheelchair your first point of contact should be your local Wheelchair Services. This is funded through the NHS.

To get a referral either see your GP, your sister's Consultant or a local Occupational Therapist.

To find a local Occupational Therapist either go through the Health service or Social Services.

Wheelchair Services will be able to make a full assessment of your sister's needs and the wheelchairs are free to those who need them.

There is usually a long wait for appointments.

With your other sister there are a number of sources of funding for computers and laptops. If you have a look at this page you will see them listed.....https://www.disability-grants.org/assistive-technology-grants.html

I would also suggest you have a look at the Grants UK page on this website to see if there are any small local charities who can help you.

Best wishes Julia

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If you make a purchase via a link on this site, Disability Grants may receive a small commission on the transaction - at no added cost to you.

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