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Grant for a Digital Camera

by Ian
(Wales UK)

compact digital camera on a camera stand

Is there any funding to support the purchase of camera equipment for a boy of nine years of age?

He has mobility problems due to hemiplegia. He is a keen photographer but small compacts are all he can manage and needs to use a tripod with these especially as all cameras seem to have the shutter release button on the right side which is a problem as he has limited function on the right.

He has used a borrowed digital SLR camera and some of the shots are fantastic (I may be biased being his grandfather).

I was hoping to encourage him towards a future where he can not just be capable but able to hold his own.

He's a great child with a fantastic attitude but obviously the initial outlay is prohibitive. 

He would need a camera, lenses and lightweight tripod. A remote shutter release would also be invaluable.

I hope this request doesn't sound frivolous but I am keen to find a way forward and help his future and allow him to expand his activities. Your suggestions would be appreciated.




Hi Ian

What a thoughtful Grampi you are! I do understand where you are coming from with this.

Unfortunately, funding for items such as this will be very difficult to find as money is being directed towards essentials such as wheelchairs and items to facilitate independent living.

However, I feel this is something you might be able to interest a local group such as the Round Table, Lions, or Rotary. They may only make a contribution but it may allow your grandson to make a start.

Your local newspaper might be interested in doing a feature and running a campaign - great publicity for them too!

I used to undertake photography with students that had limited hand control and there are a number of things out there that can help. 

If your grandson uses a wheelchair there are adjustable articulating arms that can fit to the wheelchair and camera leaving hands free to take the picture.

To find out more about more there is a group Photographers with Disabilities which might be able to help you further.


by: Ian

Thanks for replying regarding the digital camera for my grandson. I appreciate funding is focused to more essential items but thought I would ask. Your suggestions of fund raising are excellent.


by: Jo

Hi Ian, if your grandson gets the higher rate Disability Living Allowance he may get funding for a camera from the Family Fund.

Hope this helps.

Funding for a Digital Camera
by: Anonymous

Hi, I'm mentally ill - well actually I don't know because the doctors keep changing there minds but I'm on Respiredone and a bunch of other stuff!

I want to work as a professional photographer but to do this I need a £3000 camera (entry level professional camera is a Canon 5D Mk 3).

Can anyone help please?

Barry Robinson


Hi Barry you might want to look at the Government's Professional and Career Development Loan. You can find some details here....


Grandson's photos
by: Grampi

Hello All

I know it is sometime since I raised the original post about photograph equipment for my Grandson.

We have not been able to get funding yet but this has not held him back. He entered a photograph competition and won second and third prize for his age group and at the end of the year he won first prize in the same competition.

The guest speaker at the recent presentation was the "world renowned" Andy Rouse who took the time after the presentation to talk to my grandson and then sent him an autographed book of his wildlife photographs.

This was great encouragement and Andy Rouse is a great guy for doing this.

Sorry to go on a little but I just a proud grandparent


WOW! That's fantastic news!

Thank you for taking the time to update on your grandson's success.

Hope all goes well in the future for him.


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