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Funding for Autistic Spectrum Disorder

by Jay and Rachel

Hi, we have a daughter with Autistic Spectrum Disorder and PICA, ( PICA is a condition that makes her eat things that are not to be eaten.)

We are strugling to get about and have been refused Disability Living Allowance.

Is there any help to get a car or funding for one?

If not, what about household items we get through lots due to her behaviour is so destructive?

Please help!!!


Jay and Rachel


Hi Jay and Rachel,

As you have probably realised Disability Living Allowance (DLA) is the key that opens the door to other support and funding.

Did the DLA give their reasons for refusing your daughter? If so, have you considered appealing?

The DLA do get things wrong sometimes - this may be due to something that wasn't put on the form - even the words you use can make a big difference!

I'm not sure where you live but there are organisations our there who can help you make another application. 

Click here to find a local carers group as they will probably have someone who is trained to help with benefit applications.

Another source of support is your local Citizen's Advice or your social worker - if you have one.

There are several excellent booklets that give help on filling in the forms and guidance on the amount of information you need to provide.

DLA Guide - Cerebra

DLA/AA A Guide to making a claim - Disability Rights

I do think you should have a chat to someone locally who can discuss your individual situation in more detail. 

If you manage to get the DLA you would then be able to apply to Motability for a car (higher rate only) or/and the Family Fund for household items. 

I hope this helps a little and that you manage to resolve the funding for your daughter.


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