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Disabled Mum looking for help with relocation costs to move

by Susan
(Reading Berkshire)

I am buying a bungalow with a housing association.

I'm moving from Reading, Berkshire to Gloucester to be nearer my family.

I need help to clear and pack as well as move my family's belongings.

I am a single mum with 2 children. I was diagnosed with Primary Progressive MS in 2007 and I needed to take early retirement from a lifetime of full time work last year.

I have found removal companies to pack and move, and a man with a van to take away the junk. But it's very expensive.

The reduction to the Housing Grants and the drop in house prices has affected my tight budget.

Do you know of any relocation grants or help with new appropriate furniture costs? Nothing more than £1,000 - £1,500 probably would help.

Many thanks


Hi Susan

You might be able to get some help from The Social Fund if you receive certain benefits.

The Social Fund also provides Budgeting Loans. It is an interest free loan to help with one off expenses but it does have to be paid back.

To apply for either of these contact your local Job Centre Plus or download a form from the Gov.uk website.

Hope this helps and reaches you in time for your move


Comments for Disabled Mum looking for help with relocation costs to move

Moving Costs
by: Anonymous

Hi pet, I'm not sure if it will help but have you had a look on the web for a charity called Margaret's Fund.

You need to get a doctor or any medical staff who are dealing with your illness to write a letter or get them to speak on your behalf.

They may have some funds to enable you to move.

Hope I helped a little pet. Good luck in your move

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