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Disabled Access Ramp

by Gordon Gilmour
(Ayr, Scotland)

Hi, my wife Elizabeth is 73 and has very poor mobility due to a girdle stone hip operation. This means that she has no upper thigh bone in her left leg, and cannot now walk unaided.

We want to remain independent in our house but she has great difficulty in getting in and out of the house. She is wholly wheelchair bound.

Our local authority here in Ayr don't publicise grants for disabled people very well.

In addition to access to the main house, I would like her to continue to have access to our residential caravan.

What funding are we entitled to as of right, and what funding might be available without the local authority?

Gordon Gilmour


Hi Gordon, There's quite a few things around to help you and your wife stay in your own home.

Funding for the work is different in Scotland as it is not covered by the Disabled Facilities Grant.

In Scotland, local authorities are able to provide grants for housing adaptations. Only those in receipt of certain benefits will qualify for a 100% grant. Others receive 80%.

To have your entrance adapted you will need to contact the Social Services Department at your local authority. They will be able to undertake an assessment of what you need and tell you what they can provide. You have a right to this assessment.

Some entrances are easier to adapt than others. An access ramp may be sufficient or it may involve some structural work.

For this reason I do suggest you contact Social Services for the assessment before looking for other funding.

Financial help towards adaptations for your caravan will be difficult as it's not your main residence.

Finding who to contact at the council is not easy! I've had a look and found there are three councils in Ayrshire. Depending on which one is yours the following contact numbers might be useful.....

South Ayrshire 01292 268119

North Ayrshire 01294 276650

East Ayrshire 0845 724 00 00

You might also find it useful to have a look at the website of the Disabled Living Foundation (DLF) as it has details of other equipment to make life easier for you in your home.

I do hope this helps a little and that you manage to get the changes you need for your wife.

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