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Ableize Disability and Mobility

Ableize is the largest disability directory in th UK providing information on disabled products and services including children, mobility, employment and recreation.

It also has a forum for help and support.


Able Radio

Able Radio is a live, on-line, radio station presenting shows at the heart of the disabled community.

All presentations are by disabled presenters and those living with limiting medical conditions.

It offers great music, information and chat focussed on the ability in disability.

The Able Radio "family" of listeners and contributors has expanded to include carers, family members and friends, social and health care professionals.


Accessible Planet

The Accessible Planet is a complete guide to everything wheelchair accessible.

The website covers:

  • Mobility and fitness
  • Home and Lifestyle
  • Holidays and Leisure
  • Stuff 4 kids

It was founded by Robin Surgeoner MBE and Scott Smith with the vision of making it easy to find anything and everything "Wheelchair Accessible".

www.the accessibleplanet.com

Autism Radio UK

Autism Radio UK was estabished to remove barriers of social communicaton for people with Autism and Aspergers Syndrome.

It broadcasts music, interviews, talks, competitions and topics about Autism related issues.

You can listen to the station live from their website.


Disability Direct

Disability Direct is a directory of disability groups (charities and voluntary organisations), companies and service providers from all around the UK providing support and resources to disabled people.

It also includes disability news, articles and events.


Totally Yours

Totally Yours is an amazing disability directory. Created by the mother of a disabled child it covers absolutely everything to do with disability.

Easy to navigate and to add your own recommendations.


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