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Bespoken is a member lead on-line community for disabled people, carers and people with an interest in independent living.

It is designed to give people a safe space to give advice, share information and review and influence the design of independent living equipment.

Bespoken also runs an annual design challenge in partnership with various universities which allows people to directly suggest products to designers.

You have to register to join in the discussions, but this is easy to do and allows you to participate in forum discussions, connect with people you get on with by adding them as friends, and chat with any other members who are online using the in-built chat service



Chill4us is a forum run by carers for carers.

It offers a lifeline for carers to talk to other carers without having to leave the person they are caring for.

You do need to register but it's easy to use and comment.

Through the Forum you can also access a 24 hour Chatroom.


Parents of Disabled Children

A very active forum for parents of disabled children where they can help others, share experiences and provide information and advice.

It is run by a father of a disabled child.


Scope online community

Scope’s online community is for disabled people, parents, carers and professionals.

It is a place to find support, share experiences and swap ideas with other people connected by disability.

Alongside the active forums, there are hundreds of tried and tested tips contributed by community members on a whole range of everyday issues – from bedwetting to technology.

It is a great place to pick up ideas and swap suggestions. 




The Youreable Forum is an online community for people with disabilities to share their experiences and support each other. It currently has 5 forums on benefits, work, health, travel or motoring.

You need to register to join in the discussions.

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