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by Chloe Quane

adjustable bed with high low controls

Hello my name is Chloe and I am currently looking for someone who could help my dad.

My Dad has been through so much these past two years with operations and he was also in intensive care for five weeks. He is now unable to work.

He needs an adjustable bed because he has now got his stomach in his neck. He can't breath whilst he is sleeping and is continually sick throughout the night.

His doctor has told him that a bed will drastically improve his lifestyle. So please if anyone knows anyone or anywhere I could get help from I would be so grateful.

Thank you


Hi Chloe

Usually beds are provided by the Occupational Therapist. I am surprised that your doctor has not mentioned this. I am also surprised that this wasn't sorted by the hospital before he was allowed home.

Do go back to your doctor and ask for an Occupational Therapist referral. Alternatively, phone the Occupational Therapy department at Social Services direct - you will find the number in your local directory. It is usually under Social Services or the name of your local council.

If you feel you need support to do this contact your local carers group as they may have someone who can help you with negotiations etc. To find a local group have a look at the information here....


Charities and trusts may be able to provide funding for an adjustable bed but do try the other routes first. This is because if you make an application for funding the charities will ask if you have exhausted all statutory sources first.

A charity that may be able to help you is the The League of the Helping Hand

I do hope this helps. Good luck in getting what you need for your father.

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