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BBC - The OUCH! Blog

The OUCH team and the occasional guest blogger write regular enteries about anything to do with disability - from news, gossip and trivia to interesting links on the Internet.

Benefit Scrounging Scum

The blog of disability activist, Kaylia Franklin (aka Bendy Girl) about the reality of living on state benefits.

She also founded The Broken of Britain, an online UK disability campaign to provide a unified voice for disabled people and their families in the face of welfare reform.

Beyond Disability

Beyond Disability provides a social forum and an open platform, particularly for people with disability, to share stories, testimonies, ideas, challenges and experiences.

The vision of the Beyond Disability Initiative is to pool together a wealth of information, insights, opinions, ideas and expertise on a wide range of issues regarding and relating to disability.

Carers Blog

The blog of Gordon Conochie, the Joint Policy and Parliamentary Officer at The Princess Royal Trust for carers. He writes about issues affecting carers.

CDKL5, Amber and Us

Carol-Anne shares her experiences as Amber's mum and reflects on the positive impact her daughter's disability has had on her life.

This is beautifully written and full of insights that many parents can relate too. 

Guerrilla Mum

Ellen Power is Guerrilla Mum - a mum with two boys with Special Educational Needs.

She blogs about her experiences of battling officialdom in Local government and the National Health Service to get the right education for her children.

Ellen has recently published a book "Guerrilla Mum - Surviving the Special Educational Needs Jungle" in which she provides clear guidance on what the law states and how to get what you need for your child.


The blog is written by a ME (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis) sufferer who is also a doctor. He uses the blog to critically analyze papers and articles on ME with the goal to helping other patients.


Same Difference

A blog with recent news, views, and information on anything to do with disability related issues.

Regularly updated it is produced by Sarah Ismail, a disabled journalist and blogger. She also writes for national publications and other leading disability media.

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