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Desperate for a Break

by Tracey

Hi, I'm the sole carer of my husband who has epilepsy and we as a family are desperate for a holiday. Nothing fancy just a break from the same daily routine.

My husband doesn't feel comfortable at home any more. He says that everywhere he looks he's had a seizure. It's really affecting his mental health and is a strain on my 2 small kids.

I think a break is just what they need but I can't work as I am his carer. Is there any help?

He gets Personal Independence Payment at the lower rate for care and low rate for mobility. I get Incapacity Allowance.

Thank you


Hi Tracey

Your family might be eligible for a grant through the Family Holiday Charity. It helps families on low income who have not had a break for four years.

To apply for grant you will need to be referred by someone who knows your family circumstances such as a social worker or health professional. They will need to apply on your behalf.

The local Lions Club, Rotary or Round table may be able to give some financial assistance towards the cost of a holiday. Contact details for these organisations can be found at your local library.

I would also contact your local Social Services Department to find out if they offer any holiday breaks or financial support towards a holiday.

Finally, there is an on-line Sheffield Forum with a excellent disability thread where you could also post your question. A local person may be aware of other funding opportunities only open to Sheffield residents.

Good luck with your search


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