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Alfie Alexander

by David Alexander
(St. Andrews, Fife, Scotland)

My son/friend/companion and dog Alfie (a St. Bernard) assists me in many ways with comfort with my depression and high blood pressure.

He also assists and has done since was 5 months old by recognising if am going to take a grand mal seizure.

He will sit down if a bench is near and not let me move him (telling me to take a seat and then sits right beside me to watch me. Staying close so do not fall over)or push and hold me against a wall until I give in and take a seat as soon as possible,

He has so much love and at home will come and rest his head on my knees (if sitting or give a little bark. If in kitchen to tell me to go sit down.

He follows me everywhere in my house and goes everywhere with me. He lays quite and is very respectful in shops will sit when at shelves getting anything and at tills sits like a true friend.

Without him I would not be going out the house. My Doctor and neurologist are very welcoming to him.

He is polite and respectful when he lies at my side and awaits for me to move before rising and standing at my side.

Could not be without the love and support he gives so I can out and about.

He is truly a friend for life who I owe my whole heart to.


My apologies for the delay in replying to your submission. Disability Grants has been closed.

Alfie sounds a remarkable dog and my how he's grown from the pup on your lap! Dogs are so intuitive to our needs and understand us in an unconditional way.

The love and protection they give can't be underestimated.

Stay well and safe David and Alfie.

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