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AbilityNet offers impartial advice to adults and children on all their assistive technology needs.


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All about Equipment

A new website set up by the AT-alliance provding everything you need to know about disability equipment and independent living for older and disabled people.

Using easy to click graphics it works through 6 main areas giving people a quick way to find advice and information.


Assist UK

Assist UK run a network of Disabled Living Centres around the country. They have permanent displays of independent living and mobility equipment for you to try with professional staff available for advice and information.

Their website is currently not live.  Telephone: 0161 832 9757


Communication Matters

Communication Matters is a charitable organisation which provides information on assessments, equipment and training with Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC).

It has an on-line AAC forum, an e-library with downloadable resources, publications and details of AAC research.



The Gov website offers advice on equipment for the disabled. It also provides information on obtaining VAT relief on products for disabled people and how to use your direct payments to buy or hire equipment.


The Disabled Living Foundation

The Disabled Living Foundation provides excellent factsheets (downloadable from their website) and a telephone helpline offering free independent advice.

They also run an on-line guided advice and information service called AskSARA which helps you find ideas and products to make daily life easier.

In addition, the DLF has relaunched its impartial advice site on equipment 'Living made easy', including a special section for disabled children

It has also reopened the Youreable Forum for people with disabilities to share their experiences and support each other. There are 4 forums at present on benefits, work, health and travel.


Find a Voice

Find a Voice offers advice and support to children and adults who have severe speech, language and communication difficulties.

They provide information on augmentative and alternative Communication aids (AAC)and are able to lend equipment from their resource library to access suitablity.

The organisation may also be able to help source funding.


Going for Independence

Going for Independence offers free independent home assessments and information on equipment and adaptions.


The National Centre for Independent Living

The National Centre for Independent Living promotes and provides resources to enable the disabled to have choice and control over their lives.

The website contains useful information on how to manage direct payments, personal assistants and individual budgets. It also campaigns for the rights and equality of disabled people.

The website is not live.

For Northern Ireland: contact Centre for Independent Living NI



Ricability is a research charity dedicated to providing independent product advice and information to the elderly and disabled. Their product guides are very detailed and offer excellent insights into choosing and purchasing equipment. The guides can be downloaded from their website.


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