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Disability Grants News - Updates and Additions - August 2022
August 25, 2022

Welcome to the August 2022 edition of Disability Grants News - a monthly round up of highlights on the Disability Grants website and resources for anyone with a disability, caring for or working with disabled adults or children.

If you are new to the website and searching for grants please read the following pages before starting your search....

Adults- About Grants section

Children and Young People  - Grants for Disabled Children - An Introduction

Here are some of this month’s updates and additions.... 

Grant News

Children and Young People

  • Your local council may be able to give a grant towards school uniform.  Support is available from every council in Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales offers help but only a small number of councils in England.  This page on Money Saving Expert has all the details.


  • Buttle UK provides grants up to £2,000 to help children and young people who have had a significant crisis in their lives and living on low income. Frontline Professionals only to make applications.


  • Practical support and grants for children and young people with Dravet Syndrome.


  • The Special Star Foundation supports families affected by disability in the Hull and East Yorkshire region.  They have a lending Toy Library and amazing high cost items to borrow. 

Adults and Families

  • Carefree helps full-time unpaid carers have access to a short break. Carers are able to self-refer or they can be referred by a community partner.  There is a £25 admin cost only payable after you choose your break.


  • One-off grants from Friends of the Elderly for individuals over pension age on low income for household items, online connection, bills and essential living costs.


  • Able Stables are offering complementary stays at their wheelchair accommodation in Norfolk.  It is run as a not for profit social enterprise.  The guests that do pay cover the cost of those that can’t.


  • Grants available from the British Gas Energy Trust for those struggling with their energy bills.  You do not have to be a British Gas customer.


  • Depher helps the elderly and disabled who are unable to afford repairs to their heating or plumbing systems in an emergency.  It also provides financial assistance to families and individuals in need.


  • The Academy for Disabled Journalists highly susidised Diploma in Journalism online course for those with a disability and an interest in journalism is open for applications. Closing date: Friday 16th September 2022 for the next Diploma course in October 2022.



  • The Midcounties Cooperative Fund opens 26th September 2022 for £500 grants for community groups and charities.  The applicant must be a member of The Midcounties Cooperative.



  • Information from IPSEA on steps to take for children with SEND who do not have a school place in England.



  • Cerebra has a specialist postal library of books and sensory toys that is free and easy to use.



  • The Government will be providing an additional £150 one-off cost of living payment from 20th September 2022 for those in receipt of certain benefits or tax credits.  This includes Personal Independence Payment.




  • Passenger Assistance is an iPhone app to help disabled people and their carers request assistance for rail travel in the UK.


  • Check out our colouring book  for kids "Everyone's Different" with positive images of children with additional needs. It's a digital download so can be used multiple times. Great for teachers!

Please don't forget that Disability Grants is a shared resource where everyone helps each other..... So, do participate and share your knowledge and experiences.

Help and Be Helped

All the best

Julia Tyrrell

Founder of Disability Grants

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